The applicant 1175 Pinetree Way by Onni proposes to rezone the site in order to construct a mixed-use development consisting of 49, 45 and 25 storey towers above a podium, with an overall floor area ratio (FAR) of 7.32.

· 891 residential units, consisting of 705 market condominium units and 186 purpose-built rental units
· 6,685 sqm (72,000 sf) of commercial space, consisting of eight ground level commercial retail units, four levels of office space and a & daycare all within the podium
· 1,329 parking spaces
· 6,238 sqm (67,000 sf) of common amenity space
· A public art feature
· Two carshare vehicles
· An on-site micro district energy system

The Market condominiums are proposed in Tower A (fronting Pinetree Way) and Tower B (fronting Glen Drive). The proposed 705 market condominium units will consist of one, two and three bedroom units. 95 (13%) of the units are three-bedroom units.

Rental units are proposed in Tower C (fronting Heffley Crescent). A total of 186 market rental units are proposed with a total FAR of 1.5. 31 (17%) of the purpose-built rental units are three bedroom.


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The parkade for 1175 Pinetree Way by Onni is accessed from Obelisk Way as well as a proposed north/south lane. Once fully constructed and combined with the portion of the lane to be constructed under the approved development application to the immediate east, the proposed north/south lane will provide a 10.1m. (33 ft) wide connection between Glen Drive and Heffley Crescent that will accommodate vehicles and pedestrians. The lane will be a private, strata-maintained lane as underground parking is proposed beneath the lane.

1,329 parking spaces are proposed and 359 (27%) small car spaces are proposed. Two car share vehicles (valued at $25,000 each plus GST and paid for by the applicant) for public use. MODO has provided a letter of support to enter into an agreement with Onni to provide car sharing services. Four end-of-trip facilities located on levels 2-5 of the podium for the office component and a bike station repair rooms for the market condo, rental, and commercial occupants and 1,166 bicycle parking spaces are proposed.

A total of 6,238 sqm (67,000 sf) of common amenity space is proposed for 1175 Pinetree Way by Onni, which exceeds the requirement 4,455 sqm (48,000 sf) by 40%. All common amenity spaces will be accessible by both market condo and rental occupants. Indoor amenity spaces are located on levels 3 and 6 in the podium and towers, and the programming consists of a bowling alley (Level 3), seating and lounge areas, yoga, games, fitness and multipurpose rooms. Proposed outdoor amenity space programming consists of an outdoor pool and hot tub, covered cabanas, large lawn, kitchen/bbq area, a children’s outdoor play feature, bocce ball and other outdoor games, urban agriculture planters and a dog run.

1175 Pinetree Way by Onni is proposing atotal 6,685 sqm (72,000 sf) of commercial floor area, which exceeds the minimum requirement of the C-4Zone. The proposed commercial uses are 1,580 sqm (17,000 sf) of ground floor retail, 4,320 sqm (46,520 sf) of office space on levels 2-5 of the podium and a 785 sqm (8,450 sf) daycare on level 4.

The daycare at 1175 Pinetree Way by Onni is proposed on Level 4 is in the southwest corner of the podium, and contains 500 sqm (5,350 sf) of outdoor space. The daycare will be provincially licensed and is anticipated to have occupancy of between 80-100 children that range in age between infant and school age. Pick-up and drop-off will be accommodated in the underground parkade. A restrictive covenant will be registered on Title prohibiting any use from occupying the space allocated for the daycare, other than a daycare.

The City will take possession of 485 sqm (5,000 sf) of office space (located on the second level of the podium, facing Glen Drive) and associated 12 parking spaces. The applicant intends to retain ownership of the retail, office(excluding the office space the City will take ownership of) and daycare space.

The overall building height of the three towers measured from the ground elevation of the lobby to the top of the tower is as follows:

· Tower A: 49 storeys / 157 m. (514 ft)
· Tower B: 45 storeys / 144 m. (472ft)
· Tower C: 25 storeys 79 m. (258 ft)

Tower A (fronting Pinetree Way) and Tower B (fronting Glen Dr.) contains different tower plates stacked in a randomized order, and twisting and rotational balconies. The geometric form of the towers draws reference from stacks of books.

Tower C (fronting Obelisk Way and Heffley Crescent) contains more regularity within the design and floor plates, as counter point to Towers A and B to further distinguish the stacked book form of Towers A and B.

The podium at 1175 Pinetree Way by Onni is six storeys in height along Glen Drive, and five storeys in height along the other three edges of the site. The sixth level of the podium fronting Glen Drive has an increased setback to reduce the visual impact along the street edge.

The north, south and west podium facades are wrapped with active uses to screen the above grade parking. A simple treatment of diagonal slot windows and metal panels characterize the east facade fronting the proposed north/south lane. A portion of the rental units front the south end of the lane, providing active frontage. Separate residential lobby entrances are provided at the base of each tower, with a commercial lobby fronting Pinetree Way and Residential units at the base of the Tower C podium, contain at grade patios, to animate the street, and provide acompatible transition with the future development to the immediate east (Polygon) which will include at grade patios fronting Heffley Crescent.

Proposed podium materials consist of extensive glazing, glass balcony guardrails, dark grey metal panels and painted concrete frames/slab edges. Proposed tower materials consist of extensive glazing including frit glass along slab edges and painted concrete panels and the podium is characterized by a darker grey colour palette while the towers contain a lighter grey colour palette.

There are 78 existing trees on-site, all proposed for removal but 177 on-site replacement trees are proposed, which exceeds the minimum tree replacement requirements.

The northwest and southwest corners of the site are each marked by small plaza spaces. These spaces are characterized by angular raised planters with trees with wood top benches. These plazas could provide outdoor seating should a cafe occupy the adjacent retail units. The plazas will be privately maintained and publically accessible. A third plaza with seating and landscaping is proposed at the northeast corner of the site.

The applicant for 1175 Pinetree Way by Onni proposes a public art feature (valued at $250,000) that will be located on-site and will be privately maintained. The location of the art feature has not been determined, but will be a publicly accessible location, such as the plaza space in the northwest corner of the site. The applicant has recently retained an art consultant to coordinate the selection process, construction and installation of the art feature.

Irrigated green roofs are proposed on top of the rental tower and along the podium fronting Glen Drive. The green roofs will consist of undulating mounds of perennials and grasses, with native conifers and ornamental deciduous trees to create a naturalized environment. Benefits of green roofs include reduced urban heat island effect and improved stormwater management. The proposed development will be built to LEED Silver equivalency.

A micro district energy system (DES) is proposed on-site, to provide on-site heating, cooling and hot water. The proposed micro DES is made up of equipment and piping that is used to supply heating and cooling to a single development. The term micro is being used as (non-micro) District Energy Systems are often associated with larger scale applications) and will be regulated by the British Columbia Utility Commission and be privately operated and will be fueled by natural gas. The location is beneath grade, in the first level of underground parking and is estimated to reduce gas and electrical usage by 5-20% and reduce greenhouse gases by 10-25%, when compared to a conventional heating and cooling system, it will have no capital or operating costs to the City and will comply with the BC Building Code.

Building Name: 1175 Pinetree Way
Address: 1175 Pinetree Way & 3022 Glen Drive, Coquitlam BC
Developer: Onni Group Of Companies
Architect: Cicozzi Architecture
Interior Design: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: N/A
Levels: Three towers consisting of 49, 45 and 25 storeys above a podium
Suites: 705 market condominium units and 186 purpose-built rental units
Property Type: Residential
Area: Coquitlam
Neighbourhood: North Coquitlam
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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