The 452 East Broadway by PortLiving, Caulfield Rock & Hudson is a four-storey mixed-use residential development located at the corner of East Broadway and Guelph Street. The development consists of 61 strata residential units, 2 levels of below grade parking and a mix of retail, restaurant and office use at grade and along the lane. This The proposed floor space ratio(FSR) is 3.00.

This development application has been submitted by a partnership between Caulfield Rock, PortLiving and Hudson. Under the site’s existing C-2C zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The proposal for 452 East Broadway by PortLiving, Caulfield Rock & Hudson comes from Formosis Architecture and consisting of:
· a proposed Floor Space Ratio (FSR) of approximately 3.0 (58,194 sf)
· a proposed height of approximately 49.8 feet
· two levels of underground parking having vehicular
· access from the rear lane
· the unit mis is 41 Studios, 6 One Bedrooms & 14 Two Bedrooms

The portion of East Broadway along which the site is situated is an evolving neighborhood commercial district comprised mostly of older one and two storey buildings (retail at grade, some office or residential above). Some locations also include at grade parking (plaza style) facing the street. Newer buildings are 4 to 8 storeys and closely follow the Mount Pleasant Community Plan and Broadway East Revitalization Strategy.


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The 452 East Broadway by PortLiving, Caulfield Rock & Hudson site is currently vacant, occupied previously by a gas station which has been completely removed. West, toward Main Street and beyond, the commercial use generally continues uninterrupted. To the east, 1 block beyond Fraser at Prince Albert Street, the street transitions to a multi-family residential use (RM-4N zoning). South of the project site, across the lane, the use is a mix of one and two family residential dwellings (RT5).

The massing generally attempts to present a strong solid corner element that conveys the significance as a corner. Due to the E Broadway shift in alignment, this corner is further highlighted in importance, especially approaching from the west.

The mass along Broadway continues east with a more articulated bay system, adding a more playful rhythm, while re-enforcing a strong street wall.

The building honours Mount Pleasant’s legacy of forestry by celebrating wood construction employing a combination of light wood framing and Cross-Laminated Timber structure, exposed CLT wood ceilings in the dwelling units, wood accented lobbies and common spaces, and a hybrid wood cladding, both at and above grade.

The architect has endeavored to create a mix of units that will appeal to a range of owners; smaller more affordable studios, and larger family units with a variety of sizes. The Mount Pleasant demographic is evolving as the city pushes east. The smaller studios, by using composite wood panels allows a higher floor to ceiling which allows deeper penetration of natural light, while maintaining a lower price point. Also with slightly deeper the architect was able to maximize in suite storage.

The architect proposed a mix of more family oriented homes; some on the corner with one and two bedrooms on one level, and two bed homes on two levels on the 3rd and 4th level, with private roof decks.

There is also a common roof deck with elevator access for all owners, on the south side of the roof.

452 East Broadway by PortLiving, Caulfield Rock & Hudson is a 4 storey project which is generally consistent with the heights as outlined in both the C-2C zoning and the Mount Pleasant Community Plan. The building height at the lowest corner of the site (North-East). The amount of the variance proposed is not an attempt to add additional stories, but rather a response to the challenging site conditions created by a sloping site with dramatically higher grades at the lane (where loading is located) than at the street. The overall height of the ground floor is driven by the height required to meet loading stall dimensions, accessed from the lane and situated partially under the building. While this does result in generous floor to floor for the commercial spaces, such heights are not inconsistent with other older commercial frontages in and so do not unduly contribute to the proposed variance. The high point of the site (South-West corner) is 1.52m (4.98′) higher than the low point (North-East). As is evident from the elevations, the building height at the high point of the site is within the C-2C height guidelines. It would be anticipated that other sites along this block, having similar grade challenges, would face similar challenges in meeting the strict intent of the zone if they were to redevelop to a similar permitted 4 storey massing.

Under the provisions of the Roof Mounted Energy Technologies and Green Roofs – Discretionary Height Increases bulletin (2009), the stairs and elevators which gives access to the roof area and the guards are considered exempt from the overall height calculation (they support the use of the roof as a green roof and for urban agriculture). The height variance is therefore calculated to the perimeter roof parapet. The planter for the north (Broadway) face of the building is further set below as well as enhance privacy and reduce overlook.

Building Name: 452 East Broadway
Address: 452 East Broadway, Vancouver BC
Developer: PortLiving, Caulfield Rock & Hudson
Architect: Formosis Architecture
Interior Design: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: N/A
Levels: 4
Suites: 61
Property Type: East Vancouver
Area: Mount Pleasant
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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