Omer Arbel: 44. The creative director of Vancouver and Berlin-based design and manufacturing company Bocci, has designed a lighting installation for London’s Barbican Centre Lightwell in London UK. We have been lucky enough to have seen this world-class Sculptural lighting installation by the mastermind behind Bocci. Of course we had taken tons of pictures and would like to share this magnificent art installation by one of our favorite Vancouver based artist with our readers.

Designed by Omer Arbel and produced by Bocci, this bespoke light installation is the second site-specific commission for the Lightwell at the Barbican Foyer. Comprised of hundreds of free-poured aluminium forms, the work is suspended from the ceiling by a matrix of thin cables. As the sculpture descends into the space and expands, it punctuates the foyer, engaging with notions of weightlessness and mass, craft and mass-production, entering into dialogue with the Barbican’s concrete surrounds.

Bocci is a Vancouver and Berlin-based design and manufacturing company founded in 2005 under the creative directorship of Omer Arbel, known for sculptural lighting and large scale light installations.

The installation 44 is part of the London Design Festival, 17–25 September 2016.


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