The proposed project Davie & Broughton is by Marcon as the developer and Henriquez Partners is the architect. It includes a progressive mix of housing, adding a diversity of new purpose-built social and market residential density to the neighbourhood.

The base of the building for Davie & Broughton contains 68 units of social housing, amenities, and market housing, with four levels of parking, service, and amenity spaces below. The large expanses of the podium roof are populated with common outdoor spaces, landscaping and private patios. Two residential towers, rise 14 and 15 storeys above the podium and contain 153 market units. Private gardens are located on the rooftops of both towers. Balconies alternate with trellises at the corners to lighten and enliven the facade while maintaining privacy.

These balconies and the podium roof of Davie & Broughton overlook onto the social housing children’s play area below which flows down to connect to the large amenity rooms below at the level of Broughton street. Other amenities include a market housing common space, exercise pavilion, and shared public space at grade, provided to support the diverse needs of the residents and foster a sense of community. To nurture this community, the project offers numerous public benefits, including the following:

· Marking the steep transition to English Bay
· Densification of Lower Davie
· Expansion and Enhancement of the Public Realm
· 68 Units of Purpose-Built Social Housing
· Respecting and Enhancing the Materiality and Character of the West End
· Activation of the Lane
· Sustainable Development


The East Tower entry courtyard of Davie & Broughton incorporates landscaping elements such as a water feature, gazebo with seating area, and an entry bridge, creating pedestrian interest.

This is in the spirit of the guidelines pertaining to the regulations of the Zoning and Development By-law, Section 4.8 Site Coverage:

“To create a lively streetscape, special landscaping elements such as ponds, gateways, arches, arbours, fountains, and sculpture should be incorporated in order to create visual interest along the street edge. Fences and screens should be integrated with the overall design with the use of materials and detailing compatible with the building.”

The proposal generally complies with the 3-storey podium requirement, with the exception of a small portion at the west end of the development which, due to topography, will be 4 storeys. As a precedent, a 4-storey building currently exists on the site, which will provide continuity in massing with no change in scale with the new proposal. In addition, the existing setbacks of 6″ from Broughton Street and zero setback from Davie Street will be improved with the new proposal.

In general, residential floors are permitted to be up to 12′ floor to floor, which with structure and parapets yields a theoretical height of approximately 40′. Moreover, commercial uses are permitted on this site and a 3-storey commercial podium could very well be higher.

The proposed podium is well within this 40′ height limit due to the relative low floor to floor heights proposed for the podium. Refer to the blue line in adjacent diagrams.

The amenity space, containing modest fitness facilities, is envisioned as a freestanding pavilion nestled between the east and west towers on Level 5. Associated outdoor spaces act as extensions to the interior while defining spaces for gathering, dining, and other similar passive activities. Throughout the landscape design, plants representative of the Pacific Northwest region help articulate a strong sense of place. Edible trees, shrubs, and groundcovers are used throughout the project, demonstrating the potential of an integrated edible landscape.

In addition, on the private tower roof tops, lush garden planting in cast-in-place planters create outdoor garden rooms framed by layered greenery. Wood and stone pavers, along with grape vines on trellises, help later and partition the private patios into passive and active uses.

Vancouver is a growing and diverse city with significant housing challenges. These housing challenges encompass a range of housing options available to households for all income levels, extending from emergency shelter, and providing housing for the homeless through to affordable rental housing and home ownership.

The West End is no exception to these challenges, and has among the highest levels of housing needs in the city. Providing a range of housing options in the West End contributes to a healthy and vibrant community, a strong downtown, and a more equitable city
of people of all income levels. There is a strong demand for a variety of safe, purpose-built affordable rental housing options to meet the increasing and diverse needs of the community.

The site is currently comprised of an aging 68-unit social housing development. The proposal will replace these units with a new mix of studios, and one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites with a significant increase in two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites
achieving the 50% family unit ratio as outlines in the West End Community Plan. These units are designed in accordance with the High Density Housing for Families with Children Guidelines and includes such features as a communal laundry room overlooking a
south facing outdoor courtyard with children’s play area, and indoor amenity spaces for gatherings, lounging and activities that spills out to the multi-level outdoor courtyard.

The high quality building materials will include fritted glass, aluminum window systems accented with bronze, wood, stone and concrete, with landscaping and lighting playing integral roles in the formal expression. The warmth of wood and bronze is set against the lightness of glass and the solidity of stone and concrete, reflecting the proximity of this dense urban environment to nature and establishing its place in the world.

The project honours its context, finding inspiration in common architectural elements of the West End. Located on the Davie Street corridor, the site is removed from the residential neighbourhoods that embody the traditional architectural character of the area. Even so, the proposed development responds to this greater context by integrating expressed slab edges, sculptural balconies and landscaped setbacks to screen recessed residential entries, all interpreted through a modern lens to create a building that is both contemporary and respectful of precedent.

A recreational amenity area, related to the rooftop garden, is proposed. This massing is clearly a separate element from the podium, is well within the massing parameters of a 60 foot high envelope building, and is not included in FSR. It has no significant
impact on neighbours recalling the very large trees in the lane that are there now. This element is no different than that which is proposed in the Westbank Davie Safeway project that has the support of City Staff and the Urban Design Panel.

Henriquez Partners Architects have applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop this site with two new 18 and 19 storey residential buildings, over a 3 and 4 storey podium. Davie & Broughton project includes:

· 153 market residential and 68 social housing units;
· Building heights of approximately 53m and 48m;
· Gross floor area of 21,584 m2; and
· 4 levels of underground parking (257 spaces), accessed from rear lane.

These sloping sites at the corner of Davie and Broughton Streets have long been a relatively nondescript transitional section of the Lower Davie corridor. The proposal of a mixed-income residential development looks to increase density and community with social diversity and sustainability, providing a townhouse scaled podium with 68 units of purpose-built social housing and two residential towers comprising 153 units of market condominium housing.

The site is located at the northeast corner of Davie and Broughton in the Davie Village neighbourhood of the West End. 4-storey residential buildings on two sites currently occupy the majority of the block. These buildings contain 68 rental units that will be replaced with 68 social housing units. Access to off-street parking is currently provided from the lane. This section of Davie Street acts as a transition between the Davie Village commercial corridor and the neighbourhoods to the west, such as Beach and Nelson Slopes, that make up the residential core of the West End. To the west, lies Denman Village, English Bay and Stanley Park. The area offers a wealth of commercial and public amenities, beaches and parks, to support and sustain its residents.

Marcon Developments is a development group that is all about people: the people they work with and the people they build homes for. It’s about great experiences that lead to great relationships: relationships that last; span multi-generations; and are built on respect and care, honesty and trust. Beginning life as a construction company, Marcon has the experience to know how to deliver homes not only of high standards, but also homes of high value, and homes built with extra attention to detail where the fit and finish is just that much better. They’ve developed some notable residences over the years, such as the first high-rise in Canada to achieve LEED Certification, and all of their homes are built to Built Green Canada standards which helps to future-proof homes. With several projects underway, the Marcon team is fulfilling its vision of combining design excellence with careful consideration of each projects impact on its environmental surroundings.

Henriquez Partners believe that socially responsible community development and environmental stewardship are the foundation of good design. The firm has also designed a number of iconic residential buildings in the West End including the Sylvia Tower, Eugenia Place, the Precidio, 1275 Nelson St, and The Lauren. These buildings, constructed when they were, help to define the scope of residential high-rise in the city. The firm has consistently demonstrated the ability to manage projects from design through to construction, and the technical expertise to create structures that stand the test of time. Henriquez Partners’ buildings have received numerous awards for design excellence, including multiple Governor General’s Medals in Architecture and Lieutenant Governor Awards.

Building Name:  Davie & Broughton
Address:  1345 Davie Street & 1180 Broughton Street, Vancouver, BC
Developer:  Marcon
Architect:  Henriquez Partners Architects
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  N/A
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  19
Suites:  153
Property Type:  Residential, Commercial Podium
Area:  Vancouver
Neighbourhood:  West End
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A


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