Did you know that moving is one of the three most stressful life events? All though a major change in our lives can be scary sometimes but as our lives develop, that change may be necessary and even welcome. By choosing good professionals to assist you, Sellers can reduce stress and sell their home faster. Before you make a Decision To Sell Your Home BC, organize your likes and dislikes for your current home, into the following categories.

Your Current Home
How significant of a change do you need to make? Can your current home grow together with your needs? Does it make sense to just make few renovations? Would the renovations accommodate your  needs and wants as your life grows and expends?

Your Current Location
Is your home located in a good area that suited your current needs and tastes? Have your priorities concerning location changed over the years? Are the reasons why you moved to this neighbourhood in the first place still valid or has the community totally changed as the years went by and new neighbours moved in?

Your Current Finances
Are you ready to purchase a bigger home (has your budget improved over the years) or are you looking to reduce your current expenses? Get a good idea of what the market offers in your available price range. Are the new things that you absolutely need to have available in homes in that price range?

It costs time and money to sell your home. Unless you have paid off your mortgage, interest payments and discharge fees can take up a large percentage of the money you have invested in your home.

It’s time to examine your list of likes, dislikes, needs, wants and priorities. Pay particular attention to the physical features you want or need in a home and your financial status and goals.

Renovating is a Viable Option
If you simply need more space, a new look, modernization or greater efficiency then renovating might be the wisest course of action. If you live in a great neighbourhood that you love, consider building an addition. Renovating may be a steal compared to the transaction costs of selling and they also may add to the resale value of your home. If you want to move because your house needs costly repair, you may end up paying for the repair anyway when your house doesn’t sell because of them or when the Buyer insists on deducting the repair cost from the price they will pay for the house.

Your Finances are Shaky
If you are already having trouble with your finances, it may be wise to delay buying that bigger and more expensive home until you’ve got everything under control and have reached your financial goals.

· location of our home is unsuitable
· your house is too small or too big
· life throws you a curb ball
· life is good – but your neighbourhood isnt’

Now that you’ve finally decided that you can buy that bigger and more expensive home do you sell first and then buy or vice versa? What if you find yourself with no money as you carry two mortgages? Or what if you find yourself no house at all, as you sold yours and was not able to find that “dream home”? Timing the move can be stressful and quite tricky. That’s why hiring a Real Estate professional can give you an incredible peace of mind.

When Selling Your home with me, I will provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) that details information on past sales in your neighbourhood, homes that didnt’ sell and homes that are currently for sale. I will use the CMA, market statistics, my expertise and knowledge of the neighbourhood to help you set  the right price for your home. I will also make an estimate of the net proceeds you will receive when your homes sells. So what are you waiting for? LIST YOUR HOME WITH ME!

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