Opening soon is Douchanglee Vancouver Park Royal. The successful and outstanding Taiwanese designer brand Douchanglee was established by Stephane Dou and Changlee Yugin in 1995. Soon to open a new store in the renowned West Vancouver Shopping Centre Park Royal, will be the brand’s first location in Canada and it could be the first of multiple locations for Douchanglee in Canada.

Douchanglee (Stephane Dou-Changlee Yugin) currently operates several stores throughout Taiwan (5 boutiques, 9 department store ‘corners’ and 4 franchises) and will soon open in Paris, France which is also part of the company’s international growth plan for 2018.

Douchanglee Vancouver will be opening with a beautiful 2018 Spring/Summer Series. Whether it is the contour of the shape, or the newly recreated classic texture of different styles, both through different interpretations as well as expression, the 2018 Spring/Summer Series will bring an appreciation of great elegance and sports elements.

“The combination of modern and urban fashion has been the synonym of the new Lifestyle”


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