As the District of North Vancouver grows, Mosaic is excited at the opportunity to provide new homes in Lynn Valley, to rent or purchase, to meet the evolving needs of this community. Mosaic understands what makes North Vancouver great and enjoys working with the Lynn Valley community, District staff and North Vancouver District Council to come up with a plan for the new Emery Village that will benefit the community and meet the expectations set out in the Official Community Plan. Emery Place by Mosaic (Emery Village) will provide a mix of 84 rental apartments, 46 townhomes, 61 low-rise apartments, 220 mid-rise apartments, clubhouse, green spaces, play areas and new connections to Kirkstone Park!

The District of North Vancouver spent two years, and through more than 75 engagement opportunities, received input from 5,000 residents on the vision for future growth in the District. Mosaic’s plan for the new Emery Village provides what the Official Community Plan describes should happen next at Emery Village.

At the new Emery Village, Mosaic will build 84 rental homes to replace the current 61 homes. The new rental homes, of which 42 are secured affordable for qualifying residents, have been designed to meet the needs of current Emery Residents, as well as provide for others in the community. Residents living at Emery Village now will be offered the first opportunity to return to the new Emery Village, as rental residents or new homeowners. Current Emery Residents are receiving financial compensation and hands on assistance from Mosaic with their move from Emery Village.

The District of North Vancouver and Lynn Valley are growing. More housing is needed and more types of housing is required to meet the needs of families at all different stages – for those who grew up on the North Shore and want to stay, for those who are aging on the North Shore and for those with growing families who need an alternate option to a single-family home. Emery Village will provide a mix of townhomes, apartments and rental apartments, all intended to meet the diverse housing needs of the community.


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The current path leading to Kirkstone Park will be upgraded as outlined in the existing approved Official Community Plan. The improved path will be safer and provide more accessibility to the park. In addition to improving the current park access, a new public pathway will be built by Mosaic through the Emery property into Kirkstone Park. Mosaic is also contributing over 6,800 sq ft of the Emery property to become part of Kirkstone Park.

The new Emery Village is walking distance to the shops, restaurants, other businesses and transit connections that are part of the Lynn Valley town centre. The new Emery Village will also facilitate a range of infrastructure improvements, some that will address traffic concerns on the North Shore. Redevelopment of Emery Village will result in an approximately $12 million Community Amenity Contribution that will be used towards projects deemed important by the community and the District of North Vancouver, such as a future senior daycare centre and a new public park in Lynn Valley.

The North Shore and the District of North Vancouver are growing. People want to live here. Through the Official Community Planning process, the community determined that Lynn Valley is a neighbourhood that should accommodate some of this growth, locating residents near frequent transit services, businesses and community amenities in Lynn Valley town centre.

Fundamental to Emery’s transportation plan is Emery’s walkable proximity to the high levels of transit services in Lynn Valley town centre and on Mountain Highway. The new Emery Village will connect to an improved network of trails, cycling routes, pedestrian walkways and roads that access Lynn Valley town centre and Mountain Highway.

Redevelopment of Emery Village is also helping facilitate Mountain Highway improvements. Additionally, major transportation infrastructure upgrades are occurring around the Second Narrows and Highway 1 nexus.

Following principles of great urban design, the new Emery Village architecture and landscaping will create a sense-of-place that will positively contribute to community pride and enjoyment of the Lynn Valley neighbourhood. Following the lead of the District of North Vancouver, the new Emery Village will set a new standard in the community for sustainable new homes.


The application proposes to redevelop the existing multifamily site as 411 unit residential development compromising of:

· 327 condominium (owned) units
· 84 rental units (including 42 non-market units) in:
· two twelve-storey buildings
· one eight-storey building
· one six-storey building (stepping down to three storeys)
· one five-storey building (stepping down to three storeys)
· townhomes

The project includes a number of benefits to the community including:

· Creation of new market rental and affordable rental units
· Provision of $11.9 million in community Amenity Contributions
· Construction of a required sanitary extension to address capacity issues with the existing network in Lynn Valley
· Trail improvements in Kirkstone Park
· Land dedication to facilitate the future road network and for park expansion
· Creation of a new path to Kirkstone Park from the new cul-de-sac and a replacement path connecting Emery Place to Kirkstone Park. THese new paths will be designed to be pedestrian friendly and improve safety concerts including the use of CPTED measures (crime prevention through environmental design).

Phase 1 includes 84 units and is a six storey wood frame rentail building stepping to three stores adjacent to single family. Phase 2 includes 220 units and there are two 12 storey concrete buildings connected by a four storey podium and an eight storey concrete building. Phase 3 includes 46 units and is a three storey Townhouese units (all three bedroom). Phase 4 insludes 61 units and a a five storey wood frame apartment.

Building Name:  Emery Place (Emery Village)
Address:  1200 – 1250 Emery Place, North Vancouver BC
Developer:  Mosaic Homes
Architect:  Chris Dikeakos Architects, Inc.
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  Approximately 2021
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  Two twelve-storey buildings, one eight-storey building, one six-storey building, one five-storey building and townhomes
Suites:  327 condominium (owned) units and 84 rental units (including 42 non-market units)
Property Type:  Residential
Area:  North Vancouver
Neighbourhood:  Lynn Valley
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A


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