Floating Homes ... A variety of style and design ...

They reflect the spirit of their owners. Majority of people who gravitate to float home living are curious, adventurous and free spirited individuals who can think and live outside the box. The history of floating homes is a colorful history of people, a hard working yet relaxed group who share a desire to live life to its fullest, a respect for Mother Nature and a passion for the water. Living afloat is a new option of having it all, a form of modest cost living in urban environments. Today, living aboard a float home is a clear lifestyle choice made by people in all walks of life. We hope you will enjoy our photos and little video about Floating Homes Vancouver.

Entrance to the Sea Village.
The cutest mail boxes.
Enjoy more leisure time, the tranquility of the water and an uncomplicated life.
Beautiful and trendy architecture.
Enjoy the free-spirit and romantic notion of living on the water, unbound by the constraints of land living.
Enjoy peace, tranquility and excitement of living on the water.



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