Guu is the izakaya pioneer with the Japanese spirit in Canada. Started serving locals in Vancouver, they have reached Five locations in Vancouver, two locations in Toronto, and one in Sichuan, China today. Other than serving authentic izakaya food/drink, their warm and energetic loud greeting to patrons is one of their characters. Shout with us, “Guu is Guuu’d!”

Guu’s most talented and experienced chef is now ready to serve you another Guu Kobachi with a concept of “no regular menu”. They only serve daily fresh sheets and accept your request as much as possible. Dashimaki tamago, oshinko, yakitori, sausage, ochazuke, potato salad, butter rice or ramen? Just ask them and see what you get.

Back in the Edo period (1600-1900), Sakaya (liquor shop) began serving alcohol and providing a place to stay and drinking. (There is another supposition that soba ya, buckwheat noodle shop, began serving alcohol with their food including otsumami.) During this period, the number of single men is a lot higher than women, izakaya became a popular place and spread into the society easily as a casual dining space to share not only drink and food, but also their life stories. Compare to pub or bar, the food is more substantial and accompany to drinks.

guu kobachi
Guu Kobachi Menu
735 Denman Street  Vancouver
Dinner  17:30pm – 1:30am  Sunday  17:30pm – 23:30pm
t 604.683.0735


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