Buying a home involves a number of steps and many buyers need help in understanding the options available. The Homebuyers’ Road Map is a tool designed to help you navigate the complexities and financial implications of purchasing your first, or third, home. It covers topics ranging from assessing financial readiness, to the  importance of negotiating with lenders, to looking at various closing costs. Homebuyers Road Map.pdf  – 4.17 MB.

The Homebuyers’ Road Map is a public information toolkit to help homebuyers make informed decisions and planning when choosing a home. This project is a collaboration between The Canadian Real Estate Association and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

*  Various ways how REALTORS® help Buyers through the buying process.
1.  Access financial readiness (lender requirements; prequalification process; and the importance of your credit rating).
2.  Consider mortgage options (types and features of mortgage that are best; flexibility as to how often mortgage payments can be made; types of mortgage charges; and amount of money needed for a downpayment).
3.  Mortgage default insurance (i.e. purchasing with under 20% downpayment).
4.  Government programs (First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit; Home Buyers’ Plan; and CMHC Green Home Program).
5.  Finding a home (where you want to live; type and characteristics of home you prefer; and types of ownership – houses vs. condos, etc.)
6.  Making an offer (offer considerations; deposit; and Buyer identification)
7.  Closing and related costs (legal costs, land transfer tax, home inspection, etc.)

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