What is a Robson Redux? Returning this summer: Robson St. summertime plaza in the heart of downtown Vancouver! VIVA Vancouver is seeking unique designs to transform an iconic block in downtown Vancouver, Canada into a temporary summertime plaza for pedestrians.

A single winning team will be selected to design, build and install a temporary public space installation for summer 2014. This year’s theme is connection: people’s connection to one another and people’s connection to the space.

VIVA Vancouver is a City of Vancouver public space program that specializes in turning road spaces into people places. Working with various community partners, the program is aimed at re-purposing road space to create temporary or semi-permanent public space. In doing so, VIVA Vancouver lays the foundation for a vibrant public space realm that fosters social connections between neighbours and encourages residents to engage in active modes of transportation like walking or cycling.

•  Why “Robson Redux”?
Taken from the latin reducere, redux means “brought back”. Drawing on this idea of recurrence, the name Robson Redux references the return of a new installation in the 800-block of Robson St. from one summer to the next.

The VIVA Vancouver team chose this name to reference the experience of a shared knowledge among Vancouverites about the summer tradition of a Robson St. installation returning from one year to the next and the shared anticipation to see what creative designs a new year will bring.

•  I am a student. Can I enter this competition?
Yes, students are welcome to enter the competition. However, the experience of the applicant or team of applicants in both designing and building similar installations will be considered.

•  I do not live or work in Canada. Can I participate in this competition?
An individual or a team based outside of Canada, but not legally permitted to work in Canada, is welcome to submit a design.

If a designer or design team based outside of Canada is selected as winner of the design-build competition, the $2,500 CAD honourarium can be issued without being legally permitted to work in Canada or having any of the required insurance in place.

It is expected, however, that the winning individual or team will carry out additional design development work to finalize the design. The individual or team does not need to be permitted to work in Canada to carry out this work; however, the required commercial general liability and professional liability insurance coverage will have to be in place for this stage. It will be expected that the insurance company chosen by the individual or team is authorized to do business in Canada.

To ensure the feasibility of the build, teams based outside of Canada are strongly encouraged to include a local representative on their team to manage the delivery of the project. At minimum, this person on the team will need to be legally permitted to work in Canada and must ensure that those constructing the installation have the appropriate insurance coverage in place. Each and every member of the winning team does not need to be legally permitted to work in Canada, only, at minimum, the person working locally as project manager and/or contractor are preferred.

The project budget is inclusive. There are no additional fees for travel or disbursements.

•  How does the judging take place?
During the preliminary stages of judging, the anonymity of applicants will be maintained. Once the selection has been narrowed down to five submissions, team information will be reviewed to further assess feasibility.

•  Can I submit my work through e-mail and just include a credit card number with it?
No, all applications to the Robson Redux Design-Build Competition must be submitted through the Robson Redux website.

•  How will you be contacting the winner of the competition?
The winning team will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail using the contact information provided during registration. Please ensure that the primary contact name on the application form will be available and easy to reach.

•  If I win the design-build award, what City insurance provisions would I need to comply with?
When entering into a contract with the City, the winning designer or team will be expected to obtain and maintain the following insurance:

Commercial General Liability – $2 million
Professional Errors and Omissions – $1 million
In addition, the winner will need to:

1) Add the City as an Additional Insured on the insurance certificate;
2) Agree to give 30 days’ written notice of cancellation or material change;
3) Agree to your insurance policy being primary with respect to liability arising out of your operation

•  Can I view the contract that the City would enter into with the award winner?
You can request a sample contract by contacting VIVA Vancouver at vivavancouver@vancouver.ca

•  I am having trouble opening the AutoCAD file and/or the file will only open as read-only. How can I open the file in order to be able to edit it?
Double click on the link that says “AutoCAD file”. When the dialog box opens, select save. Select the location on your computer to which you would like to save the file. When the file has finished downloading, right click on the zipped file and select “Extract all”. This should open the Extraction Wizard dialog box. Select a location to which the file can unzip. When the file completes unzipping, select “Finish”. To open the AutoCAD file, select the file entitled DesignCompRobson.dwg. All other files in this folder can be disregarded.


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