Sole Food street farms are produced by local artisans and offer Vancouver one of the best environmentally, ecofriendly and sustainable urban agriculture model. They produce healthy, organic food, create jobs in the city and innovate transforming vacant urban land into streets farms.

Vegetables now in season are: argula, basil, beets, carrots, cilantro, collards, cucumber, dill, eggplant, filet beans, green onion, hot and sweet peppers, kale, lettuce, melons, parsley, peas, radicchio, radish, swill chard, spinach, strawberries and tomatoes.

We would like to thank Lisa, Anton, Seann and Rob for kindly showing us around and sharing their Sole Food stories and experiences with us. What a great heart and soul the whole SOLE FOOD crew have!!! They are all doing an amazing job for the Vancouver community, working hard and growing these beautiful, organic and delicious products.

Buying Sole Food produce is super convenient and very easy.

They are constantly seeking out produce varieties that are not just “sweet” but full in flavor. Taking advantage of their raised box growing system, warmth from surrounding pavement, and fertile soils they are able to push the edges of our northern coastal climate.

They produce a seasonal succession of foods many of which have their origins in France or Italy where there is a deeply rooted tradition of artisan food production. The produce is not only harvested at peak flavor, they are selected for their dynamic color and beauty.

They have developed a system of raised moveable planters that can be stacked on a truck with a forklift and moved. This both isolates the growing medium from contaminated urban soils, allows for production on pavement, and satisfies landowners who cannot make valuable urban land available on a long-term basis .

Their plantings are made at the highest density possible in an attempt to make maximum use of limited space. They use special seeders that precision plant seeds close together, planting towers for making use of vertical space, and rapid crop successions that allow them to replant beds immediately after the previous crop has finished. They estimate that production from these very intensive urban spaces can be 15-25 times higher than more conventional “open field” farm plantings.

Their seed and plant varietal selections are made with the goal of providing the best tasting and most beautiful food products possible. Many of their seed stock has Mediterranean origins, foods that have been grown by generations of southern European farmers where the tradition of artisan farming and food is deeply rooted.

While they are not certified all of Sole Food’s products are grown using the highest organic standards.

Farming in the city presents them with unique challenges and opportunities. Land is scarce and valuable, often paved, and normally requires some form of security to prevent vandalism and theft. Urban land is also too contaminated to grow in.

On the other side, they have direct access to huge populations who are hungry for fresh products, love their story, and are lifted by seeing food growing amongst the endless landscape of pavement. The urban challenges required that they develop systems that isolate the growing medium and are moveable in order to satisfy short-term leases. They have also had to develop creative leases that provide land owners with tax incentives and the guarantee that they can and will move on short notice.

All of their farms have their own micro-climates and are in neighborhoods that are both individual and dynamic. They like to think that the foods they produced at each site have their own brand of urban “terroir”. They hope that their customers will taste the difference between carrots from Strathcona and those that come from False Creek.

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