What an amazing and beautiful sight you will experience when visiting Tulips of the Valley in Agassiz! I loved how all the beautiful and intense colors looked so dramatic against the mountains and heavy clouds. I loved how the orange and yellow tulips looked like the field was on fire!  🙂  Tulips of the Valley is definitely a very special event that everyone will love and appreciate.

The tulip is a perennial, bulbous plant with showy flowers in the genus Tulipa, of which around 75 wild species are currently accepted and which belongs to the family Liliaceae. The genus’s native range extends west to the Iberian Peninsula, through North Africa to Greece, the Balkans, Turkey, throughout the Levant (Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan) and Iran, North to Ukraine, southern Siberia and Mongolia, and east to the Northwest of China. The tulip’s centre of diversity is in the Pamir, Hindu Kush, and Tien Shan mountains. It is a typical element of steppe and winter-rain Mediterranean vegetation. A number of species and many hybrid cultivars are grown in gardens, as potted plants, or as cut flowers.

The 2014 tulip season opened on April 17th, 2014 and will be closed when the blooms are gone, about 2 weeks. This year the fields are a 1 km walk from the parking area. For safety reasons, everyone (including bus tours) needs to be dropped off at the parking area. Very limited handicap parking available. If you are unable to walk that distance than it would be best to visit us on weekdays (W-F) as handicap parking will more likely be available. Easter Weekend hours 10:00am to 5:00pm.

We wanted to share our photos with you to show you how truly beautiful this event is  🙂


I started this company in the spring of 2006. My husband and his family moved here in 1990 and started Onos Greenhouses. In their greenhouses they produce cut tulips and lilies. They decided that they would try and grow as many of their own bulbs as possible so there wouldn’t be as much need to purchase their planting stock from Holland. They have grown from planting fields of under 5 acres in size to planted fields of 35 acres.

Currently the greenhouses are leasing land on Seabird Island, east of Agassiz and it is here that I have started my new business.

My business goal is two-fold. I first wanted to be able to allow the public to enjoy the beauty of our fields, allowing them to tip toe through 40 acres of tulips and take pictures to their hearts content. My second goal was to provide the public with Canadian grown bulbs that they can enjoy in their own gardens each spring.

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Friday | 12:00 to 4:00 | Saturday & Sunday | 10:00  to 5:00 | Closed Monday & Tuesday | Easter Weekend hours | 10:00 to 5:00 – Friday April 18 to Monday April 21

•  Adult – $3 | Serniors – $2.50 | Kids 12 & under – Free | Groups of 10+ – $2.50/adult
•  Parking Rates – $5/car, $10/small bus, $15/large bus
•  3971 Lougheed Highway | Agassiz | BC | Canada


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