Looking for new and unique ways to enjoy the festive season this year? Then visit Luminescence and discover the fascinating ways in which animals create and reflect light through special exhibits and shows.

Visit the Aquarium’s traditional holiday tree, powered by the help of two electric eels! These amazing animals are one of only a few species in the world that can discharge a huge jolt of electricity. See the eels in action at one of the daily shows and witness a dazzling display of light each time the eels feed.

You can then immerse yourself in Jelly Swarm, a unique light installation created by Tangible Intervention in collaboration with origami artist, Joseph Wu. Over a hundred jellies with LED lights will fill the entire ceiling of a gallery. Control the lighting yourself at the touch of a button and create beautiful patterns of light throughout the amazing swarm hanging above you. Then take part in glow in the dark arts and crafts activities or make your very own origami jelly decoration to take home with you.

Ever wonder how animals in the deepest parts of our oceans create their own light? The answer to these and many more intriguing questions are at one of our daily demonstrations which investigate the mysterious phenomenon of bioluminescence, an organism’s ability to produce its own light. Meet alien-looking preserved specimens like viperfish and lanternfish and encounter an array of living animals that fluoresce, including pink-tipped, green surf and mushroom anemones, corals and even scorpions.

Don’t miss the other holiday favourites including The Polar Express 4-D Experience and Scuba Claus who visits the Aquarium every year to swim merrily amongst the halibut, rockfish, sturgeon and sea stars! (weekends starting November 26 and daily from December 19 to 24).

via vancouver aquarium