We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty. Vancouver is located nestled between the Coastal Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Ringed by snow-capped, forested mountains dropping down to miles of sandy beaches, Vancouver is renowned for it’s incomparable natural beauty and cultural diversity. This young city was once a wild, densely forested and mountainous coast area inhabited by First Nations people and wildlife. Now recognized as one of the world’s most livable and beautiful cities in the world, a city that has it all: a natural beauty and a cosmopolitan flair. Home to spectacular natural scenery and a bustling metropolitan core, Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Colombia and the third-biggest in the whole Canada.

“You’re gorgeous, baby, you’re sophisticated, you live well …. Vancouver is Manhattan with mountains. It’s a liquid city, a tomorrow city, equal parts India, China, England, France and the Pacific Northwest. It’s the cool North American sibling.” – The New York Times


Time Lapse Photography by: David & Dan Newcomb |
Music: InnerLife Project – Home (feat. Elizabeth Glover)

Vancouver City 2 Time Lapse took 6 months to make and over 50,000 pictures to complete. Nikon DSLR cameras were used to capture images higher than 4k resolution and some were shot in 8K. It was edited and uploaded in 4K (3840 X 2160 pixels).


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