A world-renowned festival of performing arts for young audiences, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival has been educating, entertaining and inspiring young audiences since 1978. The Vancouver International Children’s Festival moved to Granville Island in 2011, after 33 years at Vanier Park.

The decision to move the Festival to Granville Island was made with great deliberation. We all love Vanier Park, but the best artistic work in the world today requires technical support that could not be provided in tents. At Granville Island there is access to theatrically equipped venues, and plenty of outdoor spaces. Granville Island is a vibrant, creative hub and home to numerous cultural festivals and events. It offers the environment and opportunities to take the Festival into the 21st century. Despite the many challenges, it was a move in the right direction.

The Vancouver International Children’s Festival Society is a non-profit charity registration no. 11883 3532 RR0001. Childrens Festival Map 2014.

Make a day of it! Your show ticket includes access to over 15 interactive arts activities!

Our 2014 Festival features eye-popping, dazzling performances from artists far and wide. From local treasures to rare and exotic finds, these captivating performers will put a smile on your child’s face and hopefully even make you hoot with laughter. Browse the list below to see who’s performing this year!

A Circus in Wonderland  | Get ready to be dazzled and bewildered in this dynamic theatrical circus interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic, “Through the Looking Glass.” The Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee all display feats of circus artistry on the ground and in the air in this topsy, turvy wonderland. This immersive experience full of lush projections and circus surprises will delight one and all.

Erth Dinosaur Zoo | Kids get to see, feel and touch dinosaurs up close in this eye-popping performance of gigantic proportions. Erth’s large-scale dinosaur puppets are spectacular works of art that connect kids with the life of these great creatures and the science of paleontology. Don’t miss this unforgettable prehistoric experience where you can meet a menagerie of insects, mammals and dinosaurs that once roamed free around the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a rare and pleasurable work that manages technical brilliance, cultural insight and enchantment all in one go.” Sydney Morning Herald (Metro Newspaper)

Fred Penner | One of Canada’s best-loved children’s singers and two-time Juno winner Fred Penner will be on this year’s Festival stage! Fred has been charming children for over 25 years with catchy songs that speak to the wonder of childhood such as “The Cat Came Back” and “What a Day.” His warmth, enthusiasm and grace give him an instant emotional connection with his young fans making him a Canadian icon.

“For a quarter century, Fred Penner’s been entertaining children.  So, on the rare occasion when an unruly tyke threatens to scuttle the show, he knows what to do.  He simply cranks up the Penner charm to 11.  It’s a bit of an invasion of this child’s privacy, they think, ‘What are you (other kids) doing here?  This is my guy,’ said Penner.”Times Colonist, Victoria, BC

In Abundance | In this visual feast of a show, dancers from the Gitxsan First Nation wearing elaborate regalia and carved masks celebrate the cultural importance of the salmon. In the Dragonfly dance, Frog is an ornate mask with articulated eyes, which open and close as he is pestered by an oversized dragonfly with moveable wings. In the stunning Salmon dance, sure to resonate with children, the Bear, Eagle, and Raven dancers compete for salmon.

Invisi’BALL | Combining dance, theatre, and pantomime, this upbeat performance pokes fun at the beautiful game of soccer. Here a team of dynamic women dancers plays ten soccer superstars in an uproarious match set to a backdrop of chants and a cheering crowd. The stage is transformed into an energetic and hilarious multi-cultural field in this unforgettable satire of soccer and all of its inevitable drama.

“Wonderful and energetic show… extraordinary dance performance for young people”(Cathrin Bloss, Festival Panoptikum, Theater Mummpitz, Nürnberg, Germany)

Kaput | A hilarious mix of chaos, comedy and acrobatics! Tom Flanagan, the larger than life star of Australia’s Tom Tom Crew and Circus Oz plays a clumsy Mr. Fixit in a beautifully poignant silent movie-esque debacle. This charming show’s catch-your-breath style and sense of spectacle is physical comedy at its finest. Sure to delight and amuse children and adults alike.  “… elegant buffoonery at its best” ~ ThreeWeeks

Le groupe Swing | Are you ready to be swept up in a tornado of music and dancing? This energetic urban folk band will get kids off their feet and dancing up a storm. A favourite of Franco-Ontarians, the band has performed over 900 concerts for their young fans. A fusion of fast fiddling, RnB, rock and traditional French music, these folk bandits provide non-stop, upbeat rhythms for an exuberant dance party they call Tradarnac.

Rick Scott – The Great Gazzoon | Can one boy’s love of music defeat the angry winds, outsmart wily Lord Grot, challenge tradition and bring balance and safety to the Kingdom? Watch Rick Scott and his 12-year-old granddaughter Lilu combine music and laughter in memorable moments from Rick’s award-winning audio novel, The Great Gazzoon. This heartfelt story is about facing fear and societal pressure, doing what you love and the transformative power of music. Winner of 2013 Western Canadian Music Award for Best Children’s Recording!

“Rick scott had a theatre full of children entranced within minutes at his Gazzoon event at the Vancouver Writers Festival. He had me entranced too. The show is a perfect blen of story, music and images performed by one of our finest children’s entertainers. I liked it so much that I may just go again.” – Hal Wake, Artistic Director, Vancouver Writers Fest.

“Rick’s music speaks to kids and their parents and to me. It’s delightful, educational, accessible and innovative.” – Jurgen Gothe, CBC Radio.

The Frog King | Watch the children’s faces light up as master puppeteer Matthias Kuchta brings the classic Grimms’ fairytale, “The Frog King,” to life. Artfully humanizing his large cloth puppets, Kuchta transports his young audience inside the storybook classic to a land far, far away. This is participatory theatre at its finest where the young audience interacts with the puppets to create the magic on the stage.

“Matthias Kuchta is able to take advantage of all the bursts of energy bouncing around in the kind of volcano that a room packed with children can become, by integrating with a masterful hand the smallest detail into the story. I know parents and teachers who would be willing to pay a fortune to know the secret of this man …”

“An audience teeming with life! How can you possibly make the children want to wiggle & clap while shouting Yessssss and tap their feet on the seat in front of them while the gentleman who is telling the story … dares to look at the audience to ask for their opinion … unless  you know how to ride this wild horse, this teeming crowd, and Matthias Kuchta knows how to do just that …brilliantly,” Le Devoir, Montréal.

Where I Live | In a simple, accessible manner, this play invites children to explore and celebrate their place in the world – their body, their house, their village and their planet. Téqui (“Whoareyou”) likes the earth and Téoù (“Whereareyou”) prefers space. Together, they create small scenes using sound light and cardboard. As they play, their feet become cars, their heads becomes houses, their arms pathways, and their voices cities.

Variety Show! | Festival performers cut loose at our annual must-see Variety show! This year’s artistic smorgasbord features an iconic Canadian musician, uproarious Israeli dancers, giant puppet dinosaurs, as well as clowning, comedy and jaw-dropping acrobatics. Hosted by musician Rick Scott of The Great Gazzoon with acts by CircusWest, Erth Dinosaur Zoo, Fred Penner, Kaput, and Invisi’Ball, this evening show is always a hit!

From toddlers to tweens, kids of all ages can get creative or just have some fun at one of the many creative arts stations. Discover a world of art in our activity VILLAGE
Over 15 activities on site!

This year’s activities include:  Circus Skills | Facepainting | Interactive Dinosaur Sculpture | Musical Maze | Musical Playground | Bicycle Spin-Art | Dance-Around-the-World | Origami | Twist & Toddle … and much more!

Come for a show but stay for the whole day! Your show ticket includes access to our activities village. Even without a show ticket, you can enjoy our all on-site activities for just $8 per day.

•  Monday – Thursday | 9:30am to 2:30pm*
•  Friday | 9:30am to 6:00pm
•  Saturday | 10:00am to 6:00pm
•  Sunday | 10:00am to 5:00pm
•  *Note: Activities do not take place after 2:30pm on pyjama nights. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Public tickets for the 2014 Festival are now on sale!

3.  Adult = age 18 and older ; Child = age 1 to 17

Featured Performances  |  Adult:  $25  |  Child:  $15
Variety Show  |  Adult:  $25  |  Child:  $22
Pyjama Nights  |  Adult: $22  |  Child: $12

For access to site activities only:  purchase an Activity Wristband for $8 per person (sold onsite only)

AGE POLICY:  The age ratings for shows are listed under each show description and have been developed to ensure a positive and enriching theatrical experience for everyone. Children younger than the ages listed on the individual shows and babes in arms (children under 12 mos) are not permitted in the theatre venues as they may become frightened or disruptive.

For our 2014 Festival, babies under 12 months will be welcome and free of charge at the following shows:  Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, Fred Penner and in the activity zone… accompanied of course!

Purchase tickets online or visit the downtown Vancouver Tickets Tonight location to purchase tickets.


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