The City has received an application to rezone 1220-1298 East Hastings by Onni from Industrial (M-1) District to Comprehensive Development (CD-1) to permit the development of three buildings (two market strata buildings at 120 ft. height, and one social housing building at 80 ft. height).

The proposal for 1220-1298 East Hastings by Onni includes:
· a total gross floor area of 17,302 sq. m (186,241 sq. ft.)
· a floor space ratio (FSR) of 6.0
· building height of 120 ft.
· ground level commercial space below three buildings:
· two 11-storey buildings with strata-titled housing
· one 8-storey building containing social housing
· 55 units of social housing and 152 units of strata-titled housing for a total of 207 units of housing
· 3 levels of underground parking with 229 vehicle parking spaces and 481 bicycle parking spaces


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The 1220-1298 East Hastings by Onni project site is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of East Hastings Street and Clark Drive. The site occupies the majority of the block bound by Clark Drive to the east, and Vernon Drive to the west, with the exception of the westernmost lot, currently occupied by a gas station.

The 1220-1298 East Hastings by Onni site is made up of five lots that contain one and two-storey commercial buildings. Clark Drive defines the eastern boundary of the Downtown Eastside Plan, and the project site forms the easternmost edge of the Hastings East Area. Along the western portion of the site frontage, East Hastings curves towards the south, creating a flat-iron site on the western end of the block that is identified for a building up to 150’ tall.

To the east across Clark Drive are one and two story commercial buildings. Across the lane to the south are a mix of industrial and residential buildings, with a new Self-Storage building under construction to the southwest across from the flat-iron site. To the north across East Hastings Street are two storey commercial buildings. On the northeast corner of East Hastings and Clark is a car dealership.

The proposed follows the Downtown Eastside Plan, and provides a total of 152 market units and 55 social housing units in three, separate buildings. The proposed density is 6.0 FSR, and the social housing component of the building incorporates 20% of the total number of units provided on this site as well as the site located at 560 Raymur Avenue, being Rezoned concurrently with this Application. Both the density and social housing components are consistent with Policy 7.7.2 of the Downtown Eastside Plan.

The 1220-1298 East Hastings by Onni development has been broken into three separate buildings that share an underground parkade. In this way the architect was able to break down the form and massing of the development into individual buildings with simple, rectilinear forms. Each building will have its own residential lobby and vertical core and will function independently with the exception of the shared parkade. Breaking up the development into smaller buildings also helps achieve the Urban Design Intent of the Plan by enlivening East Hastings Street with a small grain of retail frontages that step in response to the sloping grade. Parking, Loading, and Bicycle parking is provided in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw.

The proposed design has been informed by initial consultation with Planning as well as the Hastings East Guidelines outlined in the Downtown Eastside Plan. The design guidelines have shaped the proposal, notably the approach to the building frontages, creation of a contextually relevant street wall, and provision of an enhanced public realm at the corner of East Hastings and Clark.

The proposed development is broken down into three distinct buildings, each with its own entry lobby, circulation core and facade character. This approach was developed in order to limit the facade length and provide distinct buildings with smaller frontages. Two 11 storey residential market towers are separated by an 8 storey social housing component. The alternating height creates a sawtooth pattern in elevation which corresponds to smaller frontages which echo the pattern established by the historic portion of Hastings Street.
The towers are 80’ apart from each other and the west tower is 40’ from PL and 80’ from the flat-iron site to the west of the site. Each of the tower volumes is further broken down, to emphasize the verticality and slenderness and to reduce the scale of the streetscape elements. The mid-rise portions of the buildings are shifted to align with the northern face of the ground level retail. This establishes a strong street wall while creating south-facing outdoor space on top of the ground level podium that is sheltered from the East Hastings and Clark frontages.

While the sawtooth pattern establishes the overall streetscape and heights of the three buildings, the architect has looked to materials to further emphasize the character of the individual buildings. The elevations facing East Hastings Street borrow from the historic and heritage buildings of East Hastings, distilling their plinth, column, and cornice elements into an abstracted grid. In this way, the historic building character and scale is reinterpreted through a contemporary design and material approach.

The elevations facing Clark Drive, and perpendicular to East Hastings take their inspiration from the busy and colourful light industrial character of the Port of Vancouver. While the elevations facing East Hastings are comprised of simply articulated vertical elements,
the elevations facing Clark are more expansive, and provide a surface for playful arrangements of projected louvers and facade elements. Besides providing animation and shadowing to these facades, the vertical projections will act as passive solar shading for the western tower elevations. The two facade orientations reflect the character and location of the site, celebrating the industrial liveliness of the Port in contrast to the more ordered, historic pattern of residential buildings along East Hastings Street.

The entire project provides a 5.5m setback from back of curb as requested by Planning in order to provide a generous sidewalk. Through consultation with Planning, a 7.5m setback has been introduced along both East Hastings and Clark at the northeastern corner of the site, in order to create an enhanced urban realm. This setback is carried vertically up through the East residential tower, creating a split in the tower volume that emphasizes its slenderness.

The social housing component is provided in the mid-rise building located between the two, 11-storey market buildings. This building consolidates the requirements of both this site Hastings and the Rezoning Application located at 560 Raymur Ave. 20% of the total number of units provided on both sites are social housing units, of which 30% are family oriented and 10% are three bedroom units. The design of these units follows the City of Vancouver Housing Design and Technical Guidelines.

Each of the three buildings are provided with independent amenity facilities, and each building has a combination of outdoor and indoor amenity spaces. The indoor amenities spaces provide accessible washrooms and kitchenettes so that the rooms can be used for birthday parties or other small gatherings. Where possible, indoor amenity spaces are colocated with outdoor amenity spaces. Children’s play areas and areas of urban agriculture are proposed throughout the outdoor amenity areas.

Commercial retail units are provided along East Hastings Street with interior connection to loading spaces located off the lane. The retail unit sizes are limited to encourage smaller, local retail and services which can contribute a sense of local, unique character and a fine- grained retail. The retail units alternate with the residential entry lobbies for the two western buildings, encouraging animation and vibrancy along the street.

The project will comply with the City of Vancouver’s Green Buildings Policy for Rezonings Low Emissions Green Buildings option.

Building Name: 1220-1298 East Hastings
Address: 1220-1298 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC
Developer: Onni Group Of Companies
Architect: Yamamoto Architecture
Interior Design: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: N/A
Levels: Two 11-storey buildings with strata-titled housing & one 8-storey building containing social housing
Suites: 207 units containing 55 social housing & 152 strata-titled housing
Property Type: Residential
Area: Vancouver East
Neighbourhood:  Mount Pleasant
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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