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The City has received an application to rezone 1450 West Georgia Street from Downtown (DD) District to Comprehensive Development (CD-1) to permit the development of a 49-storey strata and market rental residential building.

The proposal for 1450 West Georgia by Wesgroup includes:
· a building height of 151.6 m (497.3 ft.)
· a total gross floor area of 26,605 sq. m (286,379 sq. ft.)
· a floor space ratio (FSR) of 14.14
· ground storey commercial space
· 17 storeys (floors 4 to 20) containing 162 market rental units in which 51 are One Bedrooms, 52 are Two Bedrooms, 43 are Three Bedrooms & 16 are Four Bedrooms
· 27 storeys (floors 21 to 48) containing 193 strata units in which 80 are Two Bedrooms, 110 are Three Bedrooms & 3 are Four Bedrooms
· 300 vehicle parking spaces and 707 bicycle spaces

Site Context
The 1450 West Georgia by Wesgroup site is located in Vancouver’s West End, a vibrant and diverse community. The West End is densely populated, and its many residents are blessed with walkable access to beaches, parks, and a wide range of shops, services and restaurants. The site is located at the western half of the block bound by Alberni Street to the south, Nicola Street to the west, and West Georgia Street to the north. It is ideally located, only two blocks from the Coal Harbour Sea Walk, and five blocks from Stanley Park and Lost Lagoon. At the same time, it is only steps away from the shops and restaurants of Robson and Denman Streets. The site offers excellent access to alternative means of transportation, with a bike route along its Nicola frontage and the West Georgia Street transit corridor providing public transit access to downtown and across the Lions Gate Bridge to the north shore.

The site shares its east property line with 1420 West Georgia Street, which completes the block up to Broughton Street. Each street fronting the site has a very different scale and character. West Georgia Street is a busy, wide arterial with commercial uses at grade. Alberni Street is a narrower local street with a residential character. Nicola Street is the quietest of the three streets, with access to underground parking for 1500 West Georgia Street provided on the west side of Nicola Street opposite the site. The site has a significant slope from the southeast corner down to the northwest corner where it abuts the intersection of Nicola and West Georgia Streets.


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Policy Context
The site is currently zoned DD and falls within Area G of the Downtown Development Plan, which allows for a variety of uses including hotel, office commercial, dwelling uses, and retail commercial to an FSR of 6, with a maximum of FSR of 5 for office uses. The site is also part of Area B of the Georgia Corridor of the West End Community Plan, which establishes a 500 foot height limit. Per the West End Community Plan, and the rate of change in the Downtown Official Development Plan, there is no requirement to replace the rental apartments that are currently on site. However, the rental stock is vital to the health and vibrancy of the neighbourhood and are voluntarily proposing a one-to-one replacement with new, secured rental apartments.

The Higher Buildings Policy identifies this site as eligible for discretionary height of up to 500 feet, in order to reinforce the West Georgia Corridor within the City’s skyline. The Higher Buildings Policy surpasses sustainability aspects of the Green Buildings Policy for Rezonings, by going beyond energy targets and including goals for innovation, leadership, and design excellence. The Higher Buildings Policy also ensures that any new tall building will provide a legacy of public amenities and public art for the neighbourhood.

The West End Tower Form, Siting and Setbacks Bulletin guides the massing and siting of the proposed building, and provides specifics to supplement the general guidelines of the West End Community Plan and Downtown Design Guidelines.

Finally, the design and mix of the apartments will follow the City’s Family Room: Housing Mix Policy for Rezoning projects and the High-Density Housing for Families with Children Guidelines.

The Evolving Neighbourhood
Current proposals in the neighbourhood have established a high bar for architectural design. The 1450 West Georgia Street site faces three recent proposals, each with a strong identity and design approach. Across West Georgia Street to the north, a proposal has been submitted for the flatiron site located at 1445 & 1455 West Georgia by BCG Developments, a 46 storey residential tower with a slender, tapered form. To the south across Alberni Street is a recently approved proposal for two 43 and 48 storey residential towers that have a more traditional appearance characterized by punched windows and upper floor setbacks, 1444 Alberni by Landa Global & Asia Standard America. To the west across Nicola Street is a 41-storey sculptural building made up of vertically stacked and dramatically cantilevered volumes, Fifteen Fifteen by Bosa at 1515 Alberni Street. To the east and sharing the east property line with our site is an existing, 24 storey residential building. This building is made up of simple, rectangular forms with vertical stacks of balconies and articulated slab edges facing 1450 West Georgia Street site.

Each of these buildings have a very different character and architectural expression. The challenge is to design a building that will have its own, singular identity while responding to a varied context.

General Policy For Higher Buildings
The 1450 West Georgia by Wesgroup site is included within the Discretionary Building Height zone established by the City of Vancouver’s General Policy for Higher Buildings.

The requirements of the High Buildings Policy have provided the architect with an opportunity to re-think how a tower can be built. The proposal is built around a structural approach that is inspired by our local forest, and the original tall trees that once covered the West End. The building concept has emerged as a result of a fully integrated design process, one that has informed the smallest details and the entire building as a whole.

The building makes a meaningful contribution to the skyline, one that reflects our commitment to livability and responsiveness to nature. From the outset, the process has been rooted in the site, and the result is a building that is appropriate for Vancouver and the neighbourhood.

Redevelopment of 1450 West Georgia by Wesgroup site enables a tower in the park concept that greatly increases the amount and diversity of public space. A large plaza is provided at the intersection of West Georgia and Nicola Streets, providing a public space at the gateway to the downtown core. The plaza incorporates a specimen Douglas Fir tree that provides a natural landmark within the streetscape, just as the building becomes a landmark within the skyline.

Additionally, the plaza will provide one of many possible locations for a substantial piece of Public Art. The Public Art component could take many forms, and could take inspiration from the history or natural connection of the site, contributing to the cultural dialogue and the depth of experience within the neighbourhood.

1450 West Georgia building projects approximately 60 feet into the Queen Elizabeth View Corridor. However, the building is located behind existing and recently proposed buildings that extend far greater into the View Corridor, effectively blocking the view of most of the building from Queen Elizabeth Park. The proposed building does not enter into the Granville Bridge View Corridor.

At the heart of the architects design is sustainability, and a concept that marries structural innovation with the highest levels of building envelope performance, livability, and architectural expression. The building concept has emerged as a result of a fully integrated design process, one that has informed the smallest details and the entire building as a whole.

Building Name: 1450 West Georgia
Address: 1450 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC
Developer: Wesgroup
Architect: Yamamoto Architecture
Interior Designer: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: N/A
Levels: 49
Suites: 355 in which 162 are market rental and 193 are strata units
Property Type: Residential
Area: Vancouver
Neighbourhood: West End
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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