The site for 1608-1616 West Georgia by Alberni Street Holdings is located in the Georgia Corridor sub Area of the West End, surrounded by Georgia Street to the North; Alberni Street to the South and Cardero street to the East. Across Georgia street is the Bayshore gardens neighbourhood composed of residential towers, a hotel and mixed use building surrounding Marina Square park and fronting the Coal Harbour waterfront. To the East, Cardero Street is an important connection to the West End, a bike route and a border that marks the entrance to the Downtown core. West Pender Street also skews from West Georgia at this intersection, making the site a street ending view. To the South, across Cardero Street are a series of older midrise and high-rise office and residential buildings; while to the west is a closed gas station.

The site sold in 2017 for $245 Million in an off-market transaction to Carnival International Holdings in partnership with Aspac.

The rezoning application for 1608-1616 West Georgia by Alberni Street Holdings is from Multiple Dwelling (RM-6) District to Comprehensive Development (CD-1) to allow for the development of a 38-storey strata residential tower.

The proposal includes:
· Two towers with building heights of 117.3 m (385 ft.)
· A four-storey podium connecting the two towers
· A total of 455 proposed strata residential units, of which 200 are located in each of the towers and 55 are located in the podium
· A total floor area of 40,288 sq. m (433,657 sf)
· A floor space ratio (FSR) of 9.60
· Six levels of underground parking with 503 vehicle parking stalls and 911 Class A bicycle parking spaces

Tower One Unit Breakdown – 200 units
· 91 One Bedrooms (less then 700sf)
· 15 Junior Two Bedrooms (less then 700sf)
· 66 Two Bedrooms (700sf to 1,130sf)
· 14 Three Bedrooms (less then 1,130sf)
· 11 Three Bedrooms (Large, over 1,130sf)
· 3 Penthouses (3 Bedrooms+Den)

Tower Two Unit Breakdown – 200 units
· 91 One Bedrooms (less then 700sf)
· 15 Junior Two Bedrooms (less then 700sf)
· 66 Two Bedrooms (700sf to 1,130sf)
· 14 Three Bedrooms (less then 1,130sf)
· 11 Three Bedrooms (Large, over 1,130sf)
· 3 Penthouses (3 Bedrooms+Den)

Podium Unit Breakdown – 55 units
· 31 One Bedrooms (less then 700sf)
· 3 One Bedrooms+Den (less then 700sf)
· 17 Two Bedrooms (700sf to 1,130sf)
· 4 Townhomes (2 Bedrooms & 3 Bedrooms)


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A number of new projects are currently being considered in the neighbourhood. Across Alberni Street, a 42 storey market residential tower is proposed; along with a 42 storey rental building. Along Georgia Street a 26 storey building is under construction and two 50 storey towers are being considered. Directly next to our site, the Chevron station is now also being reviewed for development.

The site for 1608-1616 West Georgia by Alberni Street Holdings is 41,570 sf and is located between Alberni and Georgia Street, bounded by Cardero Street to the East. The site is rectangular in shape, with a frontage of 317.5 ft along Alberni Street & Georgia Street and 96.77 ft along Cardero Street. Existing development on the site includes a single-storey commercial building (a White Spot restaurant) and associated surface parking. The site is currently zoned RM-6, which allows for residential uses, a maximum floor space ratio (FSR) of 2.50 FSR, and a maximum discretionary height of 64 m (210 ft.).


Design Rationale
Vancouver and its signature skyline have always had a special and unique relationship with the sky, the mountains, and the water. The architects for 1608-1616 West Georgia by Alberni Street Holdings sought to capture this in the architecture, paying special attention to the dynamic relationship of ever changing reflections and patterns of wind upon waves.

Tower massing design in Vancouver is governed by a progression of zoning rules governing height, setback, separations, and footprint. A signature aspect of Vancouverism is promoting thin towers by limiting the bulk of each tower to approximately 70’ square and spacing the towers approximately 80’ apart. On this particular block the architects must also recognize a third future neighboring tower, resulting in a very prescriptive allowable zoning envelope for their two Alberni towers.

The architects chose to shape the towers by sculpting the balcony edges in a playful and expressive manner. These expressions are scaled for Vancouver’s skyline and composed along the facade like the rippling wake of a boat turning in water or like the passing of wind through clouds. The tower tops respond to shadow restrictions while culminating the tower form in an elegant and responsive manner; a sloping gesture nested within vertically expressive tower corners. A similar language is maintained of tower top articulation by orienting their sculpted faces in the same direction, much like sails catching the same gust of wind or the movement of waves flowing past stationary posts. The eastern tower is more vertical, reaching to the sky and the western tower is more restrained, thoughtfully responding to the preservation of daylight in nearby Marina Park. The design intention wasn’t simply to propose an abstract sculptural form, but to shape the two towers so that they touch the sky in a very delicate and graceful manner and have some connection to the natural environment of Vancouver.

A tower podium should be a sensitive transition from a vertical, city skyline scale to a horizontal pedestrian scale. On this site, Vancouver zoning calls for a massing diagram that is either “tower on podium” or “tower in the park”. The podium design the architects came up with is a hybrid which brings together the best qualities of each.

The architects dematerialized the bulk of the podium by lifting the building mass up and creating apertures in the middle which allows through block views from Alberni to Georgia. They are then carved from the center of the podium to create a central courtyard which will allow daylight and fresh air in from above. Daylit courtyard landscaping will soften, animate, and enrich the middle of this unique urban pedestrian forecourt.

Visually permeable lobbies and building amenity spaces will border the central courtyard and the vehicular entrance ramp will be tucked into a much smaller aperture deeply hidden within the courtyard. The vision is that the courtyard is a pedestrian space first and, like many successful urban forecourts, can be briefly shared by slow passing vehicles. Residential units and amenity spaces will bridge over the entrance and overlook apertures of the podium creating an elegant and welcoming sense of a gateway.

This visually permeable podium design is softly expressive with modulated and sculpted balcony edges. For the podium façade, proposed are a softly angled and rounded balconies sized at human scale and modulated like ripples in water. Townhomes will be located along a western edge of the project and will serve to further break down the scale of the project along a pedestrian mews.

High quality materials will be used throughout the 1608-1616 West Georgia by Alberni Street Holdings development. The façade will be composed of Window wall in Low-E transparent and spandrel glass with painted concrete slabs at balconies and aluminum panel at accent elements near base and tower tops; stone is featured at landscape levels and exposed walls along street edges.

Alberni Street
Ground floor edges are the interface between indoor and outdoor with design features including transparent glass in lobby and amenity, and an open courtyard with special paving pattern, seatings and landscape. Only one vehicular crossing to entry point into underground parking and drop off area. The Alberni streetscape continues the dedicated on-street bike lanes. Street trees to be retained as many as possible.

Cardero Street
The design concept brings the new Cardeoro streetscape with a unified public realm treatment for the Triangle West. A wider sidewalk area accommodates pedestrian movement. The pedestrian and cyclist greenway along Cardero will be enhanced by access into the Public Bike Station at the southeast corner of the building.

West Georgia Street
It is designed as per City’s West Georgia Street Tree and Sidewalk Design Guidelines with wider sidewalks, double rows of street trees, and dedicated on-street bike lanes. Seating high walls at the toe of the planting slope provide social and seating opportunities for pedestrians.

Mid-block Connection
Between the Alberni Towers site and the adjacent new development at the west, the public realm is designed to permit mid-block connection. A sequence stairs with pattern paving leads pedestrian down from Alberni Street to the West Georgia Street. Townhouse patios following the stairs and stepping down to West Georgia Strreet can provide active edge and a safe mid-block connection.

Landscape Strategies for LEED
The landscape will be designed to achieve credits for stormwater design, with pervious paving and stormwater harvesting for irrigation, for reducing heat island effects, with at least 50% of the roof in vegetation and materials with high solar reflectance, and for water efficiency with diverse and climate-tolerant plant selection and smart irrigation controllers.

Building Name: 1608-1616 West Georgia
Address: 1608-1616 West Georgia Street & 1667 Alberni Street, Vancouver BC
Developer: Alberni Street Holdings Ltd.
Architect: IBI Group Architects Inc. & Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Interior Design: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: N/A
Levels: Two towers 38 storey each and a four-storey podium connecting the two towers
Suites: 455 units, 200 units in tower One, 200 units in tower Two and 55 units in podium
Property Type: Residential
Area: Vancouver
Neighbourhood: West End
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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