Straddling the border between the West End and Coal Harbour, 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties is a short walk to Vancouver’s finest restaurants and shopping on Robson and Alberni, the trails in Stanley Park and the seawall. 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties is a single tower with 127 spectacular homes and will have sweeping views of the North Shore Mountains, Burrard Inlet and English Bay. Working with New York Architects Kohn Pederson Fox, the building design will be suitably iconic for this prominent location.

The rezoning application of 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties is from Multiple Dwelling (RM-6) District to Comprehensive Development (CD-1) to allow for the development of a 33-storey residential tower. The proposal includes:

· a building height of 99.25 m (326 ft)
· a total floor area of 16,528 sqm (177,903 sf)
· a floor space ratio (FSR) of 9.39
· 127 residential strata units offering 1 Studio, 23 One Bedroom units, 1 One Bedroom+Den unit, 27 Two Bedrooms units, 40 Two Bedrooms+Den units, 19 Three Bedroom units, 11 Three Bedrooms+Den units and 5 Townhomes. The townhome breakdown is 3 Two Bedroom Townhomes, 1 Two Bedroom+Den Townhome and 1 Three Bedroom+Den Townhome
· 213 vehicle parking spaces and 335 bike stalls

Interlocking and stepping, the dynamic massing composition of the tower at the corner of W Georgia and Bidwell Street strongly portrays the design character of mountainous rocks. This is a highly visible corner of the tower as it can be seen from the gateway to Vancouver as you emerge from Stanley Park.

Cascading greens on the upper terraces continue down on the tower facade in a form of balcony edge planting, before spreading out to the podium terraces, then to the ground level landscaping, depicting mountain foothills.

The podium design for 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties features the most prominent corner of W Georgia Street and Bidwell Street with an open landscape plaza, respecting the design guidelines for W Georgia Street.

A two story waterfall will be the center of attention with a strong visible presence and ambient white noise to block out the sounds of traffic. The waterfall will also recycle stormwater runoff from the site.



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Organically textured podium walls provide an appealing backdrop for the waterfalls. The podium walls will also stand as a strong design element on their own, when the water has to be controlled for conservation purposes.

The use of green doesn’t stop at adorning the terraces and podium planters, but becomes a major design element of the tower facade.

The facade design of 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties takes inspiration from the fine textures on the mountain rocks, made by numerous facets and cracks.

Gently twisting in profile, subtly varying in color, the uniquely designed vertical facade fins help break up the monotony and the severity of an all-glass tower and create a dynamic facade that animates the building through different views and angles of sunlight.

The exterior details of 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties appear heavy on the podium levels and become more delicate as you approach the top of the tower.

Surrounded by tranquil water and majestic mountain ranges, Vancouver offers abundant opportunities to enjoy nature despite being the most densely populated city in Canada. The skyscraper-studded skyline blends in effortlessly with the backdrop of the North Shore Mountains, and the bustling downtown is just a step away from the picturesque parks. The city and the nature are inseparable here.

The mountains of Vancouver are a vital part of the city. Standing in close proximity to the city, they are to be admired, explored, and are present in the daily life of people throughout the seasons. Few other cities in the world have such a privilege.

The bold formation of rocks creates rugged structures, feathery trees lace over the ridges and the terraces, and the facets and the cracks in the rocks create an ever-changing interplay of light and shadow. The design for 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties is inspired by the balance between boldness and subtlety of the mountains, aiming to bring a sense of nature to the convenience of urban living.

Rising noticeably lower than rest of the upcoming and proposed developments in the neighborhood, the building height at 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties respects the descending skyline, moving from downtown Vancouver towards Stanley Park.

The asymmetrical tower top ensures a gradual transition of the skyline along both W Georgia street and Bidwell street, and also brings diversity to the mostly uniform skyline of the neighborhood.

Mild climate and generous precipitation in Vancouver help lush vegetation grow in the city.

Great examples, such as the Law Court building, inspired the design team to actively integrate greens and lively water features into the building.

Stepping beyond conventional planting, greens on the horizontal surfaces have been introduced into the podium design. The horizontally integrated wall planting will bring the design concept of the mountain to life.

The sidewalk along Alberni Street at the proposed development and the adjacent blocks runs in a width of 4.5m (from building setback line to curb).

In order to provide much needed privacy protection at 1698 West Georgia by Anthem Properties for the ground level units and to secure functional paths for pedestrians, the proposed design adopts the linear hedge landscaping strategy from the neighboring blocks, which also helps to preserve the continuity of the streetscape along Alberni Street.

Landscape design concept responds to the context of the site as one of the most prominent sites in downtown Vancouver. The landscape borrows form the beautiful natural setting of Vancouver creating a soft base of natural materials from which the tower emerges. The design incorporates a highly urban palette of materials and finishes while softening this urban character with a layered approach to planting and incorporating an element of water. These layers turn into gently climbing terraces as needed to maintain the seamless integration of the tower base and the ground plain along both Georgia and Bidwell.

The paving treatment at the ground level creates a legible and coherent arrival experience at the main lobby entry on Bidwell by utilizing a unified paving pattern while maintaining the Georgia street sidewalk standard treatment.

This urban language extends to the east side of the site where a series of townhomes on a terraced landscape interface with the neighbouring property along the mid-block connection.

Alberni street frontage blends in with the context of the neighbouring blocks with a series of townhomes which create a small scale and walkable streetscape with elevated front patios and layers of planting.

The design of the ground level also includes a variety of seating opportunities. The seating is created as an integrated element of the site design. Trees are placed strategically in coordination with these seating opportunities to provide an added layer of comfort.

The rooftop spaces creating by the stepping architectural character of the building are designed as outdoor patio and amenity spaces. These will incorporate generously sized planters and planted edges to maintain the connection between the architecture and nature. This idea spreads throughout the mass of the building in form of planted edges on the façade. These will be planted with a combination of low growing evergreen and hanging plants to create low maintenance but visually striking green edges.

West Georgia & Bidwell (1698 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC) known as the Chevron site in Coal Harbour was acquired by Anthem Properties in 2017 for $72,000,000.

Building Name: 1698 West Georgia
Address: 1698 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC
Developer: Anthem Properties
Architect: Kohn Pederson Fox & Chris Dikeakos
Interior Design: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: N/A
Levels: 33
Suites: 127
Property Type: Residential
Area: Vancouver
Neighbourhood: West End
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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