The 42nd & Cambie by Vivagrand Development represents a unique, highly urban place within the Corridor, with a mix of uses, vibrant street life, and a dynamic public realm. This residential development site promises an abundance of local amenities, services, and authentic restaurants. The 42nd & Cambie is located right next to a 13 tower redevelopment called Oakrdige by Westbank.

The major tower element for 42nd & Cambie by Vivagrand Development is up to 100.6m (330ft), has an average residential floor plate of 603.9 sq. m (6,500 sq. ft), minor element up to 36.6m(120ft) and an average commercial floor plate of 789.7 sq. m (8500 sq. ft) and a 10m(32.8ft) dedication or space equal to a minimum 300 sq. m (3,229.2 sq. ft) will be required from the southern property line to accommodate a public plaza.

The application to rezone 42nd & Cambie by Vivagrand Development, 5812-5844 Cambie Street is from C-2 (Commercial) District to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District. The proposal consists of a mixed-use development with a 32-storey market residential tower and a 12-storey office tower over a four-storey podium. It includes:

· 257 strata-titled units which include 170 One Bedroom units, 57 Two Bedroom units & 30 Three Bedroom units
· 9,902 sq. m (106,589 sq. ft.) of office space
· Commercial use at grade
· A 37-space public childcare facility and a youth centre
· A total floor area of 28,548 sq. m (307,283 sq. ft.)
· A total floor space ratio (FSR) of 9.85
· 303 parking spaces and 536 Class A bicycle spaces over four levels of underground parking


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The design language consists of three distinct volumes on an underpinning base. The volumes are:

1) a 12-storey office tower/podium combination
2) a 3-storey lane-facing linear “tube”
3) a 32-storey residential tower
4) a base of groundlevel retail, forming and shaping the public realm to the standards and vision of the Cambie Corridor Plan including a 300m2 onsite Minor Plaza in the southwest corner at Cambie and 42nd.

1) Office Tower/Podium
The largest design component consists of a semi-circular 12-storey office towerseamlessly integrated with the upper 3 floors of the 4-storey podium by way of a signature cladding that wraps this entire volume. A high-performance glass- and metal-window system, this strong horizontal expression is the most prominent element of the design. Beginning on the north façade where the Office Lobby is announced as a tall white vertical element, the main volume is fenestrated with broad horizontal bands of alternating glass and copper/bronze-tinted metal. Across this banding, diagonal glass sunshades and deep recesses carve the façade into smaller subvolumes, providing visual relief and reducing apparent bulk. The diagonal sunshades and cladding systems are continued on the south façade and terminate at the tubular lane component (seen next). The underside of this volume is defined by raked canopies, suggesting it too is a homogeneous continuation of the main component. Given this location on Cambie, a bold and strong statement by this major element is fitting and appropriate.

2) Lane Tube
The lane component is envisaged as a floating tubular volume stretching from one end of the site to the other. The ends of this pipe’ are left open to address an entry to the Youth Centre on the south and a Commercial Retail Unit on the north. This tube is carved with deliberate recesses and section cuts to allow a ground level breezeway and a 2nd floor Outdoor Space, again providing visual relief and reducing apparent bulk. The fenestration of this element references, in a modest way, the diagonal motif of the main component.

3) Residential Tower
The Residential Tower, essentially rectangular in plan, hosts a distinct concavity … dramatically celebrating a governing geometry: 60ft separation from the Office. In contrast to the Commercial Volumes, this Residential Tower has a finer-grained and predominantly-vertical fenestration. Balconies, located southwards to act as shading devices, have a bold diagonal applique on the sides and soffits which thematically links the tower to the project whole. Atop the tower, a steel leaf-shaped structure mimics the curvature of the Office and screens the mechanical equipment, as well as providing wind protection to the rooftop Amenity. Adding significance to the intersection, balconies nearest Cambie and 43rd Ave are further shaped for thematic effect.

4) Ground floor
The Ground Floor interacts with and defines the public realm, providing entry points to the upper building and service retail, both of which assist in animating the sidewalks and plazas. Fenestration is a combination of clear grey storefront glass in mullionless frames interspersed with dark brick pilasters to emphasize human scale and permeability, and to suggest an abstract plinth supporting the composition above.

Building Name: 42nd & Cambie
Address: 5812-5844 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC
Developer: Vivagrand Developments
Architect: IBI Group
Interior Designer: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: From 450 sf to 832 sf
Levels: 12 & 32 loves: a 32-storey market residential tower and a 12-storey office tower over a four-storey podium
Suites: 257
Property Type: Residential
Area: Vancouver
Neighbourhood: Oakridge
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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