The City of Vancouver has received an application from GBL Architects Ltd. to rezone the site to a new Comprehensive Development (CD-1) District to permit the development of a 54-storey mixed-use building called 601 Beach Crescent by Pinnacle which includes:

· 303 market residential units and 152 social housing units
· a floor space ratio (FSR) of 7.95
· 2,028 sq. m (22,543 sf) of commercial space at grade
· a floor area of 48,424 sqm (521,225 sf)
· a building height of 163 m (535 ft)
· 455 underground parking spaces and 970 bicycle spaces.

The towers height of 601 Beach Crescent by Pinnacle is set at the recommended height of 163m/535ft at the absolute top of building including all appurtenances and architectural treatment, relative to the interpolated site building grade. Shadow studies indicate that the height does not affect the shopping area along Granville Street north of Drake Street.

As the gateway site on and off the Granville Street Bridge, 601 Beach Crescent inherently pairs with the adjacent Vancouver House development. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the proportion of height and mass together. The Vancouver House is 154.5m/507ft in height and has a varying tower floor plate size from approximately 595sm/6,400 sf to 1080sm/11,600 sf. Through a disciplined study of the massing proportions from different viewpoints, 601 Beach Crescent proposes an undulating floor plate size from 500sm/5,400sf to 790sm/8,500sf, with an average floor plate size at 640sm/6,860sf. The tower shape achieves a sculpted form through the undulation of the tower floor plate and the tapering effect with a sloped crown. The forms of the towers contrast, yet through proportion and scale are recognized as a true gateway. A tower that is lesser will disassociate the two as a gateway pair.


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The podium massing of 601 Beach Crescent by Pinnacle take its shape as a response to the site context and constraints while trying to optimize the City’s vision of creating a vibrant public realm along Rolston to reinforce the commercial area of the Vancouver House development.

At the important intersections of Pacific Street/Rolston Street and Beach Crescent/Rolston Street, a greater than 5.5m required setback from the sidewalk curb is provided to create public nodes, which are necessary breakout and plaza spaces to link the commercial uses along Rolston. A defined street edge is maintained along Rolston Street and ample space beyond is provided for a comfortable pedestrian and biking experience.

The setbacks along Seymour Mews and Beach Crescent have also been increased to 5.3m and 5.7m respectively to allow for an increased buffer zone between adjacent neighbors. This area will be landscaped to provide a human-scaled streetscape for neighbors and pedestrians.

The main podium mass of 601 Beach Crescent by Pinnacle is 6-storeys along Beach Crescent and 4 storeys on Pacific Street, with on- grade retail access along Rolston Street. The Affordable Housing component in the podium above the retail is shaped to embrace a vibrant Amenity Garden on the 3rd floor. A set back 7th storey sits within the Roof Garden which houses the Amenity and Swimming Pool Areas. The gardens at the 3rd foor, 7th floor and 8th floor create a terraced landscape effect when seen from the bridgehead. The variance applied for the podium height and distance to the bridgehead is to allow for both proper siting for the retail ground floor and to provide a central green space within the podium. Cross-sections along Rolston Street are included in this package to demonstrate the advantageous effect for this variance.

Parking and loading are provided underground with access from Beach Crescent, far from the south- west intersection. The number of vehicle/bike parking and passenger loading spaces proposed is consistent with the Vancouver Parking By-Law including the latest updates to achieve Transportation 2040 Actions.

The landscape design for 601 Beach is inspired by both the fluid architectural de-sign and the site itself, which forms a landmark gateway in and out of the down-town via the Granville Street Bridge. The property forms a strong north-south connection between Pacific Street and Beach Crescent with visual connections reaching to the water’s edge at False Creek. The design includes a public realm that balances a pedestrian plaza and retail access with a dynamic green edge using organic paving patterns, massed plantings, and sculptural seat walls; and a private realm that uses a similar palette to create intimate spaces to live and play.

The design focuses on the pedestrian experience and place-making. The site condition is permeable, allowing connections through it with access to the retail spaces, and includes a separated cycle path. A network of walkways defined by a bold paving pattern weave across the site, lined by stylized and geometric planted berms and seat walls. Mass plantings of green shrubs, leafy perennials and trees will be used to define a textured green geometry to the space, to provide a buffer to the adjacent parking, and to enhance the landscape under the bridge. Openings in the berms connect Rolston Street to the retail spaces. Seat walls and benches offer informal seating areas to congregate and connect with nature. At the corner of Beach Crescent and Granville the seat walls are at their most sculptural, step- ping up to mediate the grade change while creating a focal point for the plaza. An exterior lighting strategy will add dramatic effect, and will also provide subtle and safe level of ambient light throughout the site.

The landscape design language extends above grade to three large exterior amenity terraces that will provide residents with flexible spaces for recreation and relaxation. The 3rd and 7th Level terraces include areas to cook, dine, enter- tain, and lounge. The 8th Level overlooks the terrace below. Its central design element is a large swimming pool with surrounding spaces for lounging. Raised planters and seat walls will organize the terraces and define seating areas for small groups. The stepped nature of the terraces makes them highly visible to surrounding observes, adding to the visible green space of the neighbourhood, while the articulation of the design elements creates intimate areas with a high degree of livability.

Building Name:  601 Beach Crescent
Address:  601 Beach Crescent, Vancouver BC
Developer:  Pinnacle International
Architect:  GBL Architects & Jyom Architecture
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  N/A
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  54
Suites:  455 residential units, 303 market residential units & 152 social housing units
Property Type:  Residential, Commercial
Area:  Vancouver
Neighbourhood:  False Creek North
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A

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