The creation of a vibrant, transit-oriented, mixed-use urban village is envisioned for the Burquitlam-Lougheed community. In support of realizing the Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan, Concert has submitted two concurrent rezoning applications to the City of Coquitlam for properties located at 550 Cottonwood, 663 Whiting Way, 675 Whiting Way, and 579 Smith Street. These two sites are entitled as Burquitlam Park and Whitgift Gardens.

This project is a three-party partnership between The City of Coquitlam, the YMCA of Greater Vancouver and Concert Properties to deliver two major community amenities in the Burquitlam neighbourhood.

The project includes construction of a 55,000-plus sq. ft. YMCA family recreation facility on the current Burquitlam Park site, as well as over 2.55 acres of additional park space at Cottonwood Park. Both amenities will be located in the heart of Burquitlam area and respond to the recreation needs of this evolving Coquitlam neighbourhood. The project will also realize the development of 2.1 acres on the Burquitlam Park site for a mixed-used development, led by Concert Properties. One-and-a-half acres on that site will be retained for public open space. The deliverables of this partnership are subject to rezoning approval for the mixed-use development on the Burquitlam Park site.

The partnership between the City, the YMCA and Concert Properties recognizes the need for a community recreation facility in the Burquitlam area, while using an innovative partnership to bring the project to reality. By working with these private partners, the City leverages and safeguards its land assets while still delivering a major recreation facility within a project that will generate a total project value to the City in the range of $100 million, including capital and operating funding from the YMCA, financial contributions from development, and land for park space provided by Concert Properties.


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· A 60,000 square foot public, 3-storey YMCA community, health, fitness and recreation facility that includes a new Burquitlam Community Police Station and Park-and-Ride facility.
· The redevelopment of the two sites will provide more than 1,000 new rental homes, which represents a 3-to-1 replacement of the existing rental housing on-site.
· Providing a range of much-needed housing options, including home ownership, market rental homes, seniors rental housing and below-market rental suites targeted to households with lower incomes.
· New vibrant public spaces including expanded parks, street edges, gardens, children’s play spaces and enhanced pedestrian pathways as well as a new Emerson Street connection adjacent to each project.
· New on-site amenity spaces for residents including social lounges, fitness areas, a pool, meeting rooms, practice rooms, multi-purpose space and garden plots.
· The proposed redevelopment would provide several new street connections to further the City’s vision of connecting Emerson Street between Como Lake Road and Smith Avenue.

· A new Coquitlam YMCA containing a Community Police Station and Park-and-Ride facility.
· A 0.41 acres increase in overall park space for Burquitlam Park and Cottonwood Park.
· Over 2,700 new transit-oriented homes including 1,000 new rental homes.
· New housing would include approximately 130 seniors homes.
· New housing would also include between 20-40 below-market rental homes targeted to households with lower incomes.
· A thoughtful relocation strategy for the residents living on-site today.

· 2,000 residential units, including approximately 800 market rental and seniors rental suites.
· A multi-phase development consisting of two 37-storey purpose-built rental towers totalling approximately 654 market rental units
· Four market condominium towers at 24, 25, 43 and 48-storeys totalling approximately 1,187 units and approximately 132 purpose-built seniors market rental units.
· The new Emerson Street connection (1.1 acre dedication).
· Cottonwood Park expansion (2.55 acres).
· Resident amenity building.
· Extensive network of public and private landscaped courtyard and pedestrian pathways providing linkages to the neighbourhood and through the new community.

· Approximately 710 residential suites, including approximately 270 rental homes
· A 50-storey strata residential building with approximately 435 units
· A 31-storey rental residential building with approximately 275 market rental units
· 60,000 sf, 3-storey YMCA Community Centre (health, fitness and recreation facility with room for expansion that includes a 3,779 sf of space for the Burquitlam Community Police Station and a public Park-and-Ride facility.
· 0.44 acres of site area dedicated to the new Emerson Street right of way connection.
· Community public park space (1.42 acres on the eastern portion of the site).

“In keeping with our long history as a community builder, we are proud to be partnering with the City of Coquitlam and the YMCA of Greater Vancouver to deliver what is sure to be a truly-valuable amenity for the west Coquitlam community,” said Brian McCauley, Concert’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Through the knowledge and experience gained from having already successfully worked with the YMCA of Greater Vancouver to deliver their state-of-the-art, Robert Lee YMCA in downtown Vancouver, we are confident in our ability to deliver once again.”

Project Name:  Burquitlam Park and Whitgift Gardens
Address:  579 Smith Avenue, 530 and 550 Cottonwood Avenue, 663 and 675 Whiting Way, Coquitlam BC
Developer:  Concert Properties
Architect:  Endall Elliot Associates Architect for 579 Smith Avenue & Raymond Letkeman Architects for 530 and 550 Cottonwood Avenue, 663 and 675 Whiting Way
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  N/A
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Property Type:  Residential
Area:  Coquitlam
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:
Cost To Purchase Parking:
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A


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