As the middle building in a trio of towers that comprise the Burrard Place Development by Reliance Properties, Burrard Place Tower C by Reliance Properties aims to both mediate between the 54-story height of Tower A and the lower and more eccentrically shaped 902 Davie (Tower D). Arranged in a linear fashion along Hornby Street between Drake and Davie Streets, each building and its corresponding podia conspire to make a continuous urban streetscape while claiming discrete forms of expression in the sky. Never conceived of as three of a kind, the Burrard Place project aims to produce diversity within a coherent urban plan.

Like most towers in Vancouver, Burrard Place Tower C by Reliance Properties massing is heavily shaped by zoning conditions, which in this case produces a simple volume with a nearly square plan of 36 stories. The approach to the image of the building therefore has been influenced by this simple prismatic quality and by the fact that the neighboring Tower A is lighter in overall color and tone. To this end, they have developed a kind of supergrid of “modules”, here articulated by dark gray metals against low iron glazing, that reads distinctly different than the lighter grids of Tower A.

Like cells in an analogue film strip, these modules track up the building in four bays, each slipping past one another, suggesting motion and revealing the “action” within each module. This composition plays in elevation with the symmetry of the typical floor plan through the interlocking material logic of clear / silver glazing systems and the dark gray metal panel system. To further refine this supergrid, black ceramic frit is used as a kind of graphic tailoring that includes radiused and thickened corners.

At the podium of Burrard Place Tower C by Reliance Properties, the tower supergrid slips into a glass field and seems to float independently from not only from the street but also from the adjacent Tower A podium. An external louvered brise soleil is used as a break between Tower C and it’s neighbor to the North on Hornby, while it also connects to the louver system at the base of Tower A. Continuous glazing is used as a “reveal” at the joint between Towers A and C.


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The proposal for Burrard Place Tower C by Reliance Properties includes the following:

· 206 market strata dwelling units
· 27 market rental dwelling units
· Overall area 250,000 sf
· Retail area at grade of 475.66 m2 (5,120 sf)
· Office area of 3,739.53 m2 (40,252.00 sf) above
· Building height of approximately 112.17m (368 sf)
· Total floor space area of 21,140.9 m2 (227,559 sf)
· levels of underground parking accessed from the lane with a total 375 parking spaces.
· Market units will contain 105 One Bedrooms, 100 Two Bedrooms & 1 Three Bedroom unit
· Rental units will contain 16 Studios & 11 One Bedroom units

Burrard Place Tower C by Reliance Properties is located mid block on Hornby Street between Drake and Davie Streets. The project is in Sub-Area B of a CD-1 (588) zoned project. Sub Area A (Tower A), a 55-storey multi-use project, is under construction on the adjacent site. “Burrard Place” also includes Tower B, an Office Tower and Car Dealership, across the lane at Burrard and Drake Streets. This project is a separate CD-1 Zone (587).

Towers A and C are on one consolidated lot and will form an interconnected whole when completed. Parking levels are interconnected on all levels through a common vehicular circulation system with required office and residential parking in common zones segmented for security. One parking access ramp to grade has been provided for each sub-area. The porte cochere driveway from Hornby to the lane is located in Tower A, but services both towers.

The office lobby is in Tower A and serves offices in both Tower A and Tower C with pedestrian and loading accesses. Tower A and Tower C residential lobbies provide separate access to market condominium units in each tower and also access to rental units in each tower via a common corridor on each rental floor.

Common Amenities are located in Tower A and accessible to Tower C and Tower B via a bridge over the lane.

The landscape design for Burrard Place Tower C by Reliance Properties in Vancouver, focuses on a number of landscape and urban design objectives:
• Bring a more vital, walkable and engaging “high-street” experience to both Hornby st., and the adjoining lanes of the project in an effort to create an experience that contributes to the overall aesthetic character of the surrounding blocks
• Propose a durable, high quality palette of paving, planting, site furnishings, materials and custom elements in keeping with the City of Vancouver’s goals to create a vibrant and attractive urban realm
• A range of programmatic elements and uses, at the street level and above, intended to provide residents and the general public alike with a range of options for recreation, relaxation and entertainment

The landscape design for this site can be grouped into two categories: the streetscape and roofscape elements. Each element is different in use, program and function, but uses a series of unified elements and materials that contribute to a cohesive whole.

Ground Level Design
The Southeast streetscape along Hornby Street uses the Downtown South city standards to maintain a consistent and engaging experience along the extent of not only the project site, but connecting future proposed streetscapes.

The streetscape fronts a mid block connection (port cochère) that continues to the laneway, which will be landscaped to provide a greater sense of connection to the adjoining development to the Southwest and into the entries and loading areas, where stone and concrete paving will denote high quality entries and pedestrian spaces. The activation of the streetscape, port cochère, and laneway will create a vital walkable experience, and overall enhance the usability of the public space.

Roofscape Design
The upper level amenity deck for Burrard Place Tower C by Reliance Properties shares space with private patios, creating an opportunity for vegetative buffers to help maintain privacy and shape a more unique, bird friendly and overall green space for entertaining and lounging. Raised concrete planters along the private patios are planted with bird friendly, shade and drought tolerant plantings that create a green backing for the open entertaining areas. The space is fitted with outdoor lounge spaces, cooking, multiple dining areas and fire pits. Residents can cook, dine and relax in a place with a substantial amount of greenery.

An extensive green roof system, planted over the rooftop, will be implemented to help buffer mechanical noise, mitigate stormwater runoff, as well create an appealing view for the residents of the adjacent tower that will have views down onto the rooftop.

Building Name: Burrard Place Tower C by Reliance Properties
Address: 1275 Hornby Street, Vancouver BC
Developer: Reliance Properties & The Jim Pattison Group
Architect: IBI Group Architects Inc. & NMDA Architects
Interior Design: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes:
Levels: 36
Suites: 233 in which 206 are market units and 27 are rental units
Property Type: Residential, commercial and office
Area: Vancouver
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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