This new 40 storey residential tower Fifteen Fifteen by Bosa at 1515 Alberni Street will provide 195 units of residential housing to Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood. The design team is led by Büro Ole Scheeren with Francl Architecture as Architect of Record.

The tower stands on the main avenue into the downtown core from the North Shore and Stanley Park. The design expands the traditional tower shape into a three-dimensional sculpture, projecting living spaces outwards into the surrounding context. The multi-directional design capitalizes on the urban and natural qualities of the West End and Coal Harbour neighbourhoods, maximizing views of the surrounding water, park, and city.

A system of vertically shifted apartment modules enables dynamic yet rational and efficient layouts for residential units. The horizontal rotation of these modular elements projects living spaces outwards, and generates terraces to create unique and physical connectivity between the indoor and outdoor environments.

The vertical offset of apartment modules minimizes the footprint of the tower, allowing the ground to provide an open public plaza that celebrates the existing office tower to the west and the water feature known and loved by Vancouver residents.

Fifteen Fifteen by Bosa is a collaboration between Bosa Properties, Kingswood Properteis, Büro Ole Scheeren (Design Architect), Francl Architecture (Architect of Record) and PFS Studio (Landscape Architect).

“Vancouver possesses a unique balance of urban conditions surrounded by spectacular nature that provides fertile ground for envisioning new possibilities for future living in a cosmopolitan and environmentally-friendly city” says Ole Scheeren. “The design for this building exemplifies our ambition to reconnect architecture with the natural and civic environment and go beyond the hermetic confines of towers that increasingly inscribe our lives.”

Fifteen Fifteen by Bosa Properties & Büro Ole Scheeren consists of:
· 190 market residential units with 23,613 m2 (254,169 sq.ft.) of new floor area. The 190 market residential units consist of:
· 77 One Bedroom Units
· 78 Two Bedroom Units
· 40 Three Bedroom Units
· a commercial/retail unit at the ground floor


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Community and Permeability
The vertical offset of the apartment modules minimizes the footprint of the tower which touches the ground lightly and embeds itself into a multilevel landscape, liberating the ground to provide an open public plaza for residents and citizens alike.

A subtle and respectful contemporary reinvigoration of the existing water cascade along West Georgia extends and builds upon the strong architectural heritage of the site, while multiple crossing paths ensure urban permeability.

Public amenities around the central plaza and the invigorated waterscape engage the community and contribute to the network of downtown green and public space.

Urban Memento
Special consideration has been given to maintaining existing spatial qualities while enhancing and reinvigorating aspects of the public plaza and its heritage.

As a special place in the city for Vancouverites who have fond memories of the existing ofce building and water cascade, the design retains the modernist Crown Life Place, enhances the qualities of the site, and respectfully translates the original character, while offering new possibilities to the community.

Cross Roads
Located on one of Vancouver’s main avenues, the new tower will join the new upcoming developments in the West End, marking the entrance to Vancouver from the North Shore and Stanley Park. It will function as an urban pivot marking the junction where the city’s grid splices and begins to expand from West Georgia diagonally along West Pender Street and Coal Harbour towards downtown Vancouver. This crossroad position between city and park, downtown and waterfront, calls for a design which responds to the multidirectionality of the surrounding urban and natural context.

Diversity and Heterogeneity
The immediate context is characterised by a variety of uses, both commercial and residential, by variation in building scale and height, and by heterogeneity in architectural expression and materialisation.

A new development will need to describe own identity and character amongst this diverse context, complementing the urban surroundings on a spatial level rather than simply borrowing aspects of massing or materiality.

The urban setting on a major thoroughfare, the adjacency to an acclaimed heritage building and plaza, and the existing and upcoming developments in the vicinity inform the new tower’s architectural expression, set-out, and directionality.

The tower massing directly reacts to the busy character of West Georgia Street and engages the existing office tower and plaza, while the elevations facing Alberni and Nicola Streets are calm and simple in keeping with their more private aspect. The profile and elevation facing 1515 Alberni Street in particular has been optimised, with extensive view studies carried out to evaluate the minimised visual impact on the neighbouring residential tower.

Public Realm
One of the civic roles the new building will aim to achieve is to invigorate and act as a contemporising agent for the plaza along West Georgia. Thoughtful place-making will be developed to encourage public access that reaches out into the neighbouring context, offering space for the public realm to the entire vicinity.


In discussions with the original project architect, Peter Cardew suggested that there were important urban design aspects that should be considered for a new addition and contemporisation to the site – the large scale of the plaza, water basin and waterfall respond to the large scale and vehicular nature of West Georgia Street, and are considered part of the city’s most important gateway experience along West Georgia, which begins at the Lion’s Gate Bridge, moves through Stanley Park and into the downtown.

The approach towards heritage on this site is founded in the best practices of the ICOMOS International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites. Of particular note are the following:

Article 10: “Any extra work which is indispensable must be distinct from the architectural composition and must bear a contemporary stamp.”

Article 12: “Replacement of missing parts must integrate harmoniously with the whole, but at the same time must be distinguishable from the original.”

Based on this Charter, of, the approach is guided by a contemporary design respecting spirit and composition of the original based on the following design strategies:

The office building will be preserved retaining its original character. Its geometry strongly informs the massing of the new residential tower, not as a simplistic mirrored copy, but in the subtler movements and space generating moments that define the setting on site and within the urban context. This is especially evident in the interventions to the tower profile that result in a liberated ground and an activated skyline, and the correlating building profile with cantilevers that emphasises a diagonal directionality through the site. Together, the two buildings will be able to frame a unique, invigorated, and contemporary urban space.

The plaza, inclusive of the water basin and waterfall, will be completely rebuilt in order to accommodate the new residential building, an improved and increased underground parking, and building services.

The plaza will capture the spirit and framework of the heritage plaza in from and scale but will have a clear and distinct contemporary design overlay to express it as a new destination with new uses.

The water basin will maintain its trapezoidal shape and size (very close to its original at 96.1%). Its concrete edge will reflect the original design, and the original idea of a black pool bottom will be reinstated.

Contemporary overlays of sustainability in water and energy reduction through reduced water depth, and a owing arrangement of a tree cluster will be added across the site into the water to create visual focus and interest.

The waterfall with its wedge along Georgia Street will be recreated in length, vertical height, and character. The wedge will be reconstructed of red brick, to maintain its presence along West Georgia and its original relationship with the base of the office tower.

A contemporary paving surface of warm coloured stone will be used on the plaza to integrate with the architectural expression of the new tower.

In order to enhance permeability across the site, to add access points and visibility from the South, and to increase urban connections across the inherent topograpgy, a series of large seating steps and stairs, interspersed with green elements and trees, will form the open perimeter towards Alberni.

In terms of materiality, the envelope of the office building will be fully preserved. This also includes retaining the typically postmodernist red brick plinth.

The plaza will be a warm stone finish, distinct from the Heritage Office Tower with its concrete and brick.

The reconditioned water basin will feature a more sustainable shallower water depth, and therefore will be reclad in a dark material that reflects the original materiality and creates further sense of depth and reectivity, and is pleasant to look at from ground and above whether lled with water or not.

The basin edge will likely be concrete to match the original heritage detail.

The following list highlights the prominent sustainable features of the Fifteen Fifteen by Bosa project. Many of these features are a passive response to energy conservation, thermal comfort and enhancement & revitalization of the public realm.

Provided is also a draft LEED Scorecard. The Scorecard shows the project has incorporated numerous sustainable strategies that would achieve 64 LEED points (60 points are required for Gold) including 10 Optimize Energy Points, 1 or more Water Efficiency Landscaping Point and 1 Stormwater Point. Several more points are potentially available and will be confirmed, as the design is refined. These strategies are consistent with the City of Vancouver Green Building Rezoning Policy. The project is registered with the CaGBC with a CaGBC Project #18032.

The sustainability vision goes well beyond LEED. Measures have carefully been seleted to reasure that are in-line the City of Vancouver Greenest City Goals.

Energy Retrofit
Avantage of the construction synergies will be taken to implement energy retrofits of the existing commercial tower including:
· A cooling plant retrofit will be pursued.
· The ground level water feature will be renewed including a retrofit of the pumping system.
· Both of these measures will result in lowering the overall development’s GHG emissions.

Energy Sharing
The energy retrofit will also include the addition of heat recovery systems. The recovered heat will be shared with the new tower for items such as heating water pre-heat. This strategy will further reduce the development’s GHG emissions.

Passive Features
Passive features of the new tower will include:
· Continuous insulation to reduce thermal bridging
· Triple glazing will be used at flush wall conditions
· Operable windows and patio sliders to allow free cooling
All of these features will help reduce the developments needs for supplementary energy for thermal conditioning

Renewable Energy
Photovoltaics (PV) will be incorporated with the intent of offsetting the power consumption of the renewed water feature

Solar thermal (hot water) energy systems will be incorporated to reduce the reliance of fossil fuels, further reducing the development’s GHG emissions.

Low-Carbon Energy Ready
While there is no requirement for DEU connectivity for this site, the project is volunteering to be district energy ready for the City’s future low-carbon energy system.

Building Name:  Fifteen Fifteen
Address:  1515 Alberni Street, Vancouver BC
Developer:  Bosa Properties & Kingswood Properties
Architect:  Büro Ole Scheeren & Francl Architecture
Interior Design:  Inform Interiors
Year Built:  Estimated completion Winter 2023
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  40
Suites:  190
Property Type:  Residential, Commercial
Area:  Vancouver West
Neighbourhood:  West End
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A


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