Along North Vancouver’s waterfront, Concert is envisioning a dynamic master-plan, mixed-use community. With sweeping views and waterfront trail connectivity complementing a vibrant mix of housing, retail and commercial; Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties is destined to become a uniquely North Vancouver neighbourhood. One that reflects the natural world while creating a lively gathering place for residents and visitors.

Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties is a collection of lands partially developed by Concert into a business park. While zoning was in place to allow for a final phase of commercial space, Concert envisioned a different fate for Harbourside – the creation of a vibrant, mixed-use community; a place to live, work, shop and play all in an attractive, highly-walkable and sustainable neighbourhood. Concert is confident that these considerations will result in a community, which possess its own identity and sense of place, allowing it to become one of the most dynamic and desirable communities in the Lower Mainland as it is completed over the next 10-15 years.

Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties is a $400 Million project that will transform a 12-acre business park in North Vancouver into a vibrant new waterfront community consisting of an 18 building master planned development combining residential, office, and commercial components including:

· 800 residential units
· 700 are designated for market residential condominium homes
· 100 are affordable rental apartments
· 216,000 sf of high quality office space
· 55,000 sf of retail space
· 100,000 sf hotel

The location for Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties is uniquely in tune with the natural world – it occupies a prime waterfront location with trail connectivity and magnificent views of the ocean and the North Shore mountains. The property also has a dynamic history as part of a working waterfront which remains in operation to this day. Through the development process there was considerable time spent envisioning how exactly to create something which would simultaneously acknowledge the site’s unique position in the City while at the same time paying homage to the working nature of this stretch of North Vancouver’s waterfront – all in an effort to make Harbourside a destination for those across the North Shore and beyond.


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The creation of animated shopping streets filled with unique, boutique retailers along with dynamic gathering places will help establish Harbourside as a destination. The integration of recreational areas, including a generous amount of park space and an expansion of the Spirit Trail will further this goal – especially since an expanded Spirit Trail will provide opportunities for walking, riding, rollerblading and running for kilometers east and west of Harbourside. These efforts are intended to make Harbourside into a destination while preserving the site’s connections to the natural world. Harbourside’s uniqueness will be further accentuated with the careful selection of materials throughout the buildings and landscaped public spaces. Materials which connect to the natural world and weather authentically will be combined with elements which evoke an “industrial chic” language – think soft colored brick, concrete, wood and steel. To contrast, smooth metal panels and flush glass will be used as a subtle reference to the shine of a boat in the harbour.

Commercial uses for Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties have been distributed as retail, storefront offices, and potential live/work along Harbourside Drive, as well as stand-alone office buildings in a campus-like setting at the western end of the site. The at grade uses relate to the light industrial and commercial uses to the north, and clustering the office buildings better positions the neighbourhood to attract a large-scale commercial tenant. Additionally, the placement of the stand-alone office buildings at the west provides an acoustical buffer between Harbourside Waterfront and the Seaspan shipyards.

A retail “high street” for Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties is proposed along Fell Avenue and Harbourside Place to animate these frontages and is intended to be the heart and energy centre for the neighbourhood. The hotel terminates Fell Avenue and forms a key element along the waterfront. The creation of animated shopping streets filled with unique, boutique retailers along with dynamic gathering places will help establish Harbourside as a destination.

Harbourside Waterfront was once known as the “Fullerton Fill,” a vacant, contaminated lumber mill and log sort site created by filling in a portion of the Burrard Inlet at the foot of Fell Avenue. In 1996, Concert acquired and subsequently rezoned the site to a mix of commercial, light industrial and auto mall uses. As part of the rezoning, major on-site community amenities were provided including the creation and dedication of Kings Mill Walk park, habitat restoration of MacKay Creek and a financial contribution to the City’s first all-weather play field.

From 1998 to present, Concert serviced and sold lots based on the original vision of a commercial business park. To date, considerable development has occurred on the central and northerly portions of Harbourside providing nearly 3,900 quality jobs to the City of North Vancouver; however, challenging economics, connectivity issues, and limited on-site amenities have made it difficult for the waterfront lands to be developed as originally envisioned.

Following a successful Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment that recognized a broader range of uses, heights and densities at Harbourside Waterfront, this rezoning proposal picks up where the OCP amendment leaves off and describes the specifics of how Harbourside could become a “complete community” with waterfront condominium and rental homes that would appeal to a broad spectrum of income levels and age groups, high-quality office space for a skilled workforce, boutique retail, restaurants and a full-service hotel.

Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties will help to create a dynamic destination aligned with the City’s goals of transforming the western portion of the waterfront into a dynamic Burrard Inlet community amenity, regional tourist attraction and economic development driver. The development at Harbourside will add life and vitality to the existing business park by clustering a critical mass of complementary land uses, along with local amenities and services that will enhance the waterfront experience along the North Shore.

The addition of residential development for Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties will yield significant community and financial benefits, the least of which include on-site public realm enhancements and accessibility improvements, and a significant cash contribution to support other City initiatives. These will transform Harbourside into a mixed-use “waterfront destination” with its very own distinct sense of place that will draw those across the North Shore and beyond. In addition, the amenities will support new commercial development in reaching a critical mass of employment. The interface with nearby industrial uses and park space has been taken into consideration to contribute to a more complete and sustainable community on the North Shore. The development will support energy conservation, water conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Significant employment at Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties will be created with the planned development that will serve local residents, employees and visitors to create a dynamic and active waterfront. High-quality employment space will address the need for larger scale employment generators as well as small scale storefront office to animate the street. Housing opportunities will include both rental and strata, providing a range of options and afford ability types.

With zoning currently in place that would allow for a final phase of commercial development along the waterfront, Harbourside is slated to continue building on the City of North Vancouver’s original vision of for a commercial business park. But the status quo is not the optimal future for Harbourside. A more imaginative, more sustainable and more appropriate use for these lands has been envisioned and developed within this application.

Concert and their consultants have worked collaboratively with the City of North Vancouver and followed an extensive process of public consultation to develop a rezoning structure masterplan that focuses on the following:

With the amended OCP that allows for a broader range of uses at Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties, the purpose of this rezoning submission is to develop and elaborate on the concepts initiated. This proposal seeks to create a neighbourhood destined to be a model of mixed-use development, a truly sustainable community for the City of North Vancouver and the North Shore.

Connectivity is a fundamental aspect of this rezoning submission for Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties, focusing specifically on improving pedestrian, cyclist, transit, and automobile networks. This proposal explores several options to improve connections to and from Harbourside Waterfront, be it by foot, bike, bus or car. While impediments to the Spirit Trail currently exist between Harbourside and Lonsdale Quay, the applicant is committed to bridging discussions to help resolve them. Transit, and the applicant’s commitment to enhance the existing service, is similarly critical to improving connectivity. Traffic improvements are likewise essential, and are closely related to the sustainability objectives proposed.

A strong focus on the public realm, street design, internal pathways and building interfaces help to create a range of experiences for users. Dedicated public areas have been created in response to the public input with an expansion of the public realm into the private. The proposal increases the public park space from the original Harbourside rezoning, and the public open space has been increased considerably more.

Retail and storefront office uses for Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties energize the area and provide an amenity for new and existing employees, park users, and the broader community. Office uses are provided in a variety of forms, and maintain and enhance the existing workplace nature of the area. Residential uses enhance the security of public spaces, provide vibrancy to Harbourside outside business hours, and also provide opportunities to live and work in the same community transforming Harbourside into a true, mixed-use community.

Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties is envisioned to be an inclusive mixed-use community welcome to all, regardless of social, cultural and economic status. It will contain places to live, work, shop and play all in a highly connected and compact environment.

Within this rezoning submission, the residential portion of the development will comprise buildings in a combination of street oriented townhouse units, and low-rise and mid-rise building forms. Each building will be designed and positioned for the target market appropriate at the time of development permit stage. Each phase of development will have a mix of unit types.

A continuum of housing affordability is proposed for Harbourside Waterfront by Concert Properties, with both strata and rental tenures. Approximately 800 homes are proposed in total, 700 strata ownership homes plus approximately ten percent of the residential development area as market rental (~7,359 sm) providing approximately an additional 100 affordable rental homes. Pricing for the strata homes will be subject to the prevailing market condition; however, buildings will be designed with a variety of unit types (one beds, two beds, townhomes, etc.) and specifications to provide a range of price points. The northern buildings will be positioned as more affordable housing opportunities. Live/work studios and residential townhomes with accessory home occupation uses are also being explored to create affordable opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Adaptable design refers to housing or housing features that are intended for use by people with disabilities or those who are limited in mobility. Adaptable design features will be integrated throughout the building and within individual homes to ensure homes are liveable for all.

In accordance with the “Adaptable Design Policy,” 25% of the homes will be designed to Level Two or better guidelines.

Founded in 1989, Concert specializes in developing rental apartments, condominium homes and retirement communities, acquiring and developing commercial, industrial and infrastructure properties and in property management. With operations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and the backing of more than 200,000 Canadians represented by the union and management pension plans who own the company, Concert’s commitment is to build strong, sustainable communities across Canada.

Today Concert has completed developments in excess of $2 billion, built 9,000 rental and condominium homes, and developed or acquired more than 10 million square feet of income-producing properties. All with a commitment to integrity and the deeply-held value of community betterment.

Since the very beginning, Concert has been committed to making a difference. It is this idea that informs the foundation of the company culture and virtually every other aspect of the business. Simply put, the Concert difference is based on an unwavering commitment to the core values of integrity, service and sustainability in all that the company does. It is a commitment that has always extended above and beyond traditional real estate development into supporting the people and communities where Concert builds. It is this very difference that has come to define the award-winning, diversified real estate enterprise Concert has become.

· Urban Design/Development Sites – Richard Henry Architect | Hughes Condon Marler Architects | Placemaker
· Landscape Architecture Public Realm – PWL Partnership Landscape Architects
· Sustainability – Hughes Condon Marler Architects | Concert Properties | HB Lanarc/Golder
· Transportation – Bunt & Associates Engineering
· Resiliency/Sea Level Rise – HB Lanarc/Golder
· Infrastructure – Crues Engineering
· View Analysis and Animation – Gene Redvenus

Building Name:  Harbourside Waterfront
Address:  801, 889, 925 Harbourside Drive & 18 Fell Avenue, North Vancouver BC
Developer:  Concert Properties
Architect:  Richard Henry Architect & Hughes Condon Marler Architects
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  Estimated completion for this project will over the next 10 to 15 years
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  18 buildings consisting of 800 residential units. 700 for market residential and 100 for affordable rental
Suites:  18 buildings consisting of 800 residential units. 700 market residential units and 100 affordable rental units
Property Type:  Mixed use residential, office and commercial
Area:  North Vancouver
Neighbourhood:  Hamilton
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A

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