An 8.4 hectare (20.8 acre) site, Langara Gardens Redevelopment will be developed as part of an emerging neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is well served by existing open space including Cambie Park, Churchill track and Langara Golf course and will be substantially enhanced by new open space on Langara Gardens as well as Pearson Dogwood. The wider neighbourhood will be supported by enhanced shopping facilities on Langara Gardens as well as new shopping opportunities on Pearson Dogwood. Langara Gardens is highly integrated into the surrounding community via pedestrian and bicycle routes.

There are eight major principles defining the conceptual massing for Langara Gardens:
· The highest towers at 28-storeys are located at the centre of the site, beside the largest area of open space, thereby creating a punctuation point in the overall massing that defines the urban form.
· The 22-storey tower on 57th Avenue reflects the massing on the Pearson Dogwood site, relates to the existing towers on Langara Gardens and emphasizes the importance of 57th Avenue as a major transportation connection.
· Along the southerly Cambie Park edge the massing steps down to reduce shadowing on the Park and to provide a good human scale.
· Along the northern edge 4-6 storey buildings transition to townhouse development anticipated in the Cambie Corridorn Phase 3 planning program.
· Along Neal Street, terraced buildings define the westerly edge of the site and allows for extensive roof top landscaping.
· Throughout the site 3-4 storey townhouses have been located to create a stronger pedestrian scale.
· Buildings are organized to define courtyards that will enhance neighbourly interaction.
· Massing throughout the site has substantial stepping to moderate the scale of buildings and provide extensive opportunities for roof top landscaping.


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The vision for Langara Gardens is to foster a strong community, which meets the City of Vancouver’s objectives around environmental, economic and social sustainability. Langara Gardens together with Pearson Dogwood are envisioned as a new mixed-use high density neighbourhood, providing region-serving health care and local-serving amenities, all close to effective transit.

Langara Gardens will continue to be primarily residential, with a mix of housing opportunities for a variety of households, ages and income levels. A key element of the planning program is to maintain or replace the 605 existing rental housing units on a one-for-one basis. A robust Tenant Relocation Plan will address the needs of existing tenants who may need to move to accommodate redevelopment, including moving assistance, appropriate alternate accommodation on site or a right to return to the site after rental replacement housing is completed. The plan also seeks to welcome a diversity of new residents to Langara Gardens.

Retail, recreation, childcare and affordable housing will be integrated into the plan, providing opportunities for the needs of society’s youngest members, as well as its oldest residents. Social wellbeing and a sense of community will continue to inform the design of spaces that promote interaction between residents. Langara Gardens should achieve high levels of quality in the design of buildings and of the public realm.

The garden-like setting is recognized as a defining feature of the site. New housing will be focused around green courtyards, significant existing trees, and integrated parks and open spaces that build on this green legacy.

Langara Gardens should promote efficient use of natural resources in its use of land, in it’s building practices and its energy consumption. It should utilize innovative approaches to storwater management that restore natural systems.

The vision is for healthy community that promotes walking, cycling and use of transit as efficient and attractice choices.


History of the site
In 1968 the site was rezoned to Comprehensive Development CD-1 (47) district to address the need for rental housing in the city of Vancouver. The zoning permitted three residential towers and the garden apartments and townhouses. The rezoning also included a 4.7 acre school playfield dedication (Churchill Track) and creation of a 2.3 acre park which later became Cambie Park. In 1987, a fourth residential tower, along with 22,000 sq. ft. of retail space for shops and services was added to the site. Vancouver City Council approved the Oakridge Langara Policy Statement (OLPS) in July 1995, which identifies Langara Gardens as a potential large-scale redevelopment site, with planning work to be completed through a comprehensive planning process.

Langara Gardens Today
Today the property ownership is shared by Concert Properties and Peterson. Peterson manages ongoing operations of Langara Gardens, and Concert is leading the planning program on behalf of the partnership. There are 605 rental units with 335 units in the four towers and the remaining 270 in garden apartments and townhouses. Residents enjoy amenities such as three outdoor pools, one indoor pool, an athletic room and common social spaces within a garden setting.

The Future of Langara Gardens
In June 2013 following a request by the site’s owners, Council directed staff to undertake a comprehensive planning process to explore the site’s potential to increase heights and density beyond what is permitted in the OLPS to help meet City goals by:
· Creating a high-density, highly-sustainable, socially inclusive and livable community.
· Generating new social housing and rental housing.
· Providing amenities to serve the new development and the surrounding neighbourhood, including funding for a potential future Canada Line station at 57th Avenue.

Langara Gardens together with Pearson Dogwood are envisioned as a new mixed use high density node, providing both region serving health care and recreation facilities and local-serving amenities (retail, recreation, childcare and affordable housing).

· A gross floor area* of approximately 236,000 square metres (2,540,000 sq. ft.) is proposed. The floor space ratio or FSR (a measure of density) is approximately 2.8 over the entire site.
* The gross floor area includes all above grade interior floor spaces for all uses including the residential, replacement rental, affordable housing, commercial, amenity spaces and all typical floor area exclusions such as storage areas, enclosed balconies, etc. The City’s childcare centre may be considered for a floor area exclusion subject to analysis at the rezoning phase. The density is calculated over the full site area of 20.8 acres including the park expansion and circulation network.

Residential Uses
· Approximately 2,500 housing units (approx. 2,540,000 sq.ft.) are proposed in a variety of building types and sizes.

Replacement Rental Housing
· All 605 existing rental units are either protected (335 in the existing towers) or replaced (270 units).
· Existing rental units that are redeveloped will be replaced on a one-for-one basis (e.g., 2-bedroom with a 2-bedroom unit).

Affordable Housing
· 20% of the new housing units added to the site are for affordable housing, e.g. social housing targeted towards low- to moderateincome households.
· Consistent with the strategic direction in Housing Vancouver Strategy direction (Action 3C), the City will work with the applicant to explore increased affordable housing requirements to better reflect Housing Vancouver targets.

Family Housing
· A minimum of 35% of the new market units will be 2-3 bedrooms, comprised of at least 10% three bedrooms, and designed in accordance with the High-density Housing for Families Guidelines.
· A minimum of 67% of the 270 rental replacement units will be for families comprised of at least 152 two-bedroom units and 30 threebedroom units.
· 50% of the new affordable housing units will be suitable for families with children.

Local-serving Retail
· Provide approximately 25,000 sq.ft. of local serving retail, including improvements to the existing retail space, to create an inviting pedestrian-focused retail experience.

Childcare Centre
· A dedicated 69-space childcare centre designed in accordance with the Childcare Design Guidelines will be provided.

Building Variety and Design
· Buildings are varied in scale and type and limited in length, with a mix of types including townhouses, terraced buildings and residential towers.
· The mid-rise and terraced buildings provide an opportunity for landscaped roofs, views, amenity spaces and rooftop play areas for children.

Langara Gardens Urban Design Legacy
Reflect the ordering principles and characteristics of the existing development in the organization and design of new buildings:
· Courtyards: Cluster buildings to loosely shape courtyards with open and inviting permeable corners.
· Garden setting: Locate and design buildings to enhance the garden setting, including townhouses and low-rise forms to engage the scale and experience of the gardens and trees. Pools and water should be key amenities in the gardens.
· Incidental geometries: Include minor deflections and off-grid alignments in key places responding to the subtle geometries of Ash Crescent.

Opportunities for Height
· Taller buildings are located near Cambie Street and 57th Ave, and transition down to the north and west edges of the site to reduce impacts on adjacent development and park space.
· The plan includes two taller buildings proposed at 26 and 28 storeys, located to minimize impacts on adjacent developments and park space.

Transitional Edges
· Provide a respectful relationship and transition to the surrounding community through appropriately-scaled buildings along the northern edge of the site, adjacent to Cambie Park and along the new linear park to the west.

· Buildings must be carefully located and designed to allow for an overall sense of green gardens and sky views.
· Maintain the garden experience of the site by providing garden level views between buildings.

Sustainability & Building Upgrades
· An exceptional standard of sustainability will be achieved through site and building design, energy systems, water use and rainwater management, as well as urban food and waste systems.
· As part of the redevelopment of Langara Gardens, provide upgrades to improve the building performance of the existing towers. Timing of building upgrades will be determined at rezoning as part of a phasing strategy.
· Strategies to upgrade the buildings without impacting tenants will be encouraged. If tenants are impacted, the Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy may apply.

City Council approved the Pearson Dogwood Policy Statement in February 2014. Pearson Dogwood is a 25 acre site, located between Cambie and Heather Streets immediately south of Langara Gardens between West 57th and West 59th Avenues.

Pearson Dogwood is envisioned as a complete community with health services and a mix of housing for people of different incomes, ages and abilities. The policy also provides direction for jobs and services, community amenities and transportation.

A rezoning application for the Pearson Dogwood site was approved by City Council in July 2017. Implementation is expected to take approximately 10 years.

A mix of building types and uses as follows:
· Building forms from 3-28 storeys
· Floor area of 2.8 FSR (gross)/approx. 3.1 million square-feet
· Land Use:
· Mix of residential (rental + market)
· Retail + Commercial
· Health care related services + housing
· Public park + plazas + farm
· Proposed recreational facilities + community amenities

· 2.5 acre City park + additional public open space
· Childcare facilities + adult day centre
· Road + bike network improvements
· Therapeutic pool (replacement)
· 60,000 sf. YMCA with aquatic facilities
· Affordable Housing with 50% targeted towards families with two or more bedrooms
· Contribution towards a potential future Canada Line station at 57th Avenue

Project Name:  Langara Gardens
Address:  621 W. 57th Avenue, Vancouver BC V6P 6P5
Developer:  Concert Properties & Peterson Group
Architect:  James KM Cheng Architects
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  N/A
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  From 4 to 28-storeys
Suites:  Approximately 2,500 units
Property Type:  Residential, Commercial
Area:  Vancouver
Neighbourhood:  South Cambie
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:
Cost To Purchase Parking:
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A


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