The Lansdowne Centre Master Plan is a comprehensive urban design strategy for the redevelopment of a 50-acre site in Richmond. As the beating heart of downtown and a true transit-oriented development, Lansdowne District by Vanprop Investment will be vibrant with retail, culture, and entertainment.

The front door to Lansdowne District by Vanprop Investment will surely be the Civic Centre Plaza, a go-to place for everything from community events to celebrations. Mere steps away, the more than 5-acre Central Park will serve as a playground for the whole city complete with a generous green space and urban garden.

This vibrant economic precinct, with more than 764,000 square feet of retail, commercial, and office space will offer employment to new residents and put feet on the street, animating the new and adjacent neighbourhoods and businesses. Small-scale retail will wrap around popular large-format stores, creating an interesting, dynamic, and pedestrian-friendly streetscape.

The new Lansdowne District by Vanprop Investment will include 3.75 million square feet of residential development, including approximately 4,000 homes in a wide range of types and styles – from street-level townhouses and courtyard skyhomes to terraced flats and tower apartments. The towers will be distributed to capture light and optimize view corridors, and there will be market rental units and affordable homes that meet Richmond’s Affordable Housing Plan. With strong support for families – e.g., including day care and seniors’ facilities – final population may reach approximately 10,000 people, all within an eight-minute walk of rapid transit, and less than five minutes from some of the city’s most desirable park, recreation, retail and cultural spaces. This compact, transit-oriented neighbourhood – conveniently connected to the rest of downtown and west to the Fraser River – is destined to be one of Metro Vancouver’s most desirable and sustainable residential neighbourhoods.


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Lansdowne District by Vanprop Investment will be built around a diverse array of facilities, activities and environments that provide opportunities to take pleasure in public life and celebrate Richmond’s unique heritage. Public gathering and recreation space in the heart of Richmond will support a vibrant local neighbourhood and provide a venue for festivals, events and celebrations for the whole city. The gateway to the community, where transit meets a vibrant commercial core. An opportunity to create a new town square and connection point in the heart of Richmond.

Even as new auto routes improve vehicle access to and through the city centre, green walkways will enrich natural habitat, provide peaceful pedestrian linkages and bolster regional stormwater management. With celebration spaces, shops, offices, cafes and restaurants, the No. 3 Road commercial precinct will anchor the Lansdowne Village Centre, while a wide array of homes and amenities round out this transit-oriented community.

The Lansdowne District by Vanprop Investment community will include a diverse range of housing types, including affordable housing, townhomes, mid-rise, and condominiums, all linked by great green spaces to convenient services and excellent transit.

The Lansdowne Vision
Lansdowne District by Vanprop Investment is guided by the defining principles of building Community, Economic Vitality, Livability, Connectivity and Sustainability, all in a way that leverages the best Design principles and introduces unique and transformative Architecture. In short – and in specific expression of the culminating point in the City Centre Area Plan (CCAP) Vision – this plan seeks to revitalize a vital piece of Richmond’s history to build an enduring legacy.

Plazas, parks, promenades, public art and public open spaces: Lansdowne’s 50-acre property offers Richmond the canvas on which to create a vibrant Downtown District for all residents. The front door, to Lansdowne and to Richmond, will surely be the Civic Plaza – the go-to place for everything from community events to celebrations. Mere steps away, the five-plus acre Centre Park and Event Space will serve as a neighbourhood green and urban garden for locals and, on special occasions, a playground for the whole city – the perfect staging area for festivals and concerts. A linear park, running the whole length of Lansdowne Road, will connect the park to the Civic Plaza and a smaller neighbourhood park at the corner of Kwantlen Street. And every element in the development will connect along lushly landscaped and artistically appointed streets and greenways, making the whole community walkable – and irresistible – for residents, workers and visitors alike.

Lansdowne Centre has long flourished as a regional destination and economic engine; business operators, employees and shoppers can be assured that the mall will be here for years to come. Over time, Lansdowne’s retail activity will migrate to an exciting commercial node along No. 3 Road, from Alderbridge Way to Lansdowne Road, with restaurants, services, entertainment, programmed events, public art, civic and cultural spaces adding energy and employment. A vibrant economic precinct, with more than 764,000 square feet of retail, commercial and office space, it will offer employment to new residents and put feet on the street, animating the larger neighbourhood and supporting businesses farther afield. Along No. 3 Road, small-scale retail will wrap around popular large-format stores, satisfying demand in a dynamic and pedestrian-friendly streetscape. A high street along Hazelbridge Way will feature neighbourhood-serving retail, as well as restaurants and cafes complementing Eat Street on Alexandra Road.

An open, permeable plan will make the new Lansdowne inviting and accessible – safe and comfortable for pedestrians and cyclists, and efficient and convenient for traffic. The fine-grained street network, calmed for pedestrian safety, will fill in north-south and east-west connections that are missing today. Well-landscaped, east-west pedestrian greenways will link the Canada Line station: through the Civic Plaza, the Centre Park and on to a smaller neighbourhood plaza at the southeast corner of the neighbourhood adjacent to Kwantlen Street; or all the way along the Lansdowne Linear Park.

Smaller pedestrian green streets connect to residential complexes, while a broad greenway from Centre Park to Alderbridge Way provides the principal north-south pedestrian link. For automobile traffic, an east-west road mid-block, and a new Cooney Road and Hazelbridge Way running north and south, ensure easy accessibility and convenient delivery options. These new streets and greenways will facilitate movement throughout Richmond’s downtown, even while supporting ecological health.

Lansdowne District by Vanprop Investment, a truly sustainable neighbourhood must be efficient, resilient and economically and ecologically successful, all with a fraction of the “typical” environmental footprint – and Lansdowne will meet that challenge. The District Energy Utility will maximize energy efficiency by providing centralized low-carbon, heating, cooling and domestic hot water to the entire Lansdowne community, and in the future, will be scalable to support nearby properties. Stormwater and flood-management features will safeguard this block and improve environmental performance in the neighbourhood. Parks and greenways will clear the air, provide pathways for pollinators and other urban fauna, increase biodiversity, and aid in climate change mitigation and adaptation. And the open spaces, landscaping and public art will all contribute to livability and to the health of residents. With residences built to high environmental standards and a commercial district that provides both employment and all the services a complete community needs, Lansdowne delivers what the CCAP envisioned as a “healthy urban neighbourhood(s), where people can live, work, play and learn in a sustainable, high-amenity environment.”

Design Excellence
The architecture for Lansdowne District by Vanprop Investment will express an approach to urbanism that is distinct and unique to Richmond. First, it will deal efficiently with local challenges, from the groundwater below, to the flight path above. Master planning has assured that the scale, mass and height of properties are conceived and distributed to establish a skyline that is varied, permeable and visually open. The plan also recommends the establishment of an extensive set of design guidelines that will help achieve the City’s planning priorities for this and surrounding properties through every phase of development, while still maximizing the potential for creativity and innovation during the years it takes to bring the whole project to fruition.

Building Name: Lansdowne District
Address: 5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC (Lansdowne Centre Mall)
Developer: Vanprop Investment Inc.
Architect: Dialog
Interior Design: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: N/A
Levels: 24 mid-towers
Suites: Approximately 4,000
Property Type: Residential, retail, commercial & office
Area: Richmond
Neighbourhood: Brighouse
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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