The project, Main Street Arts 2 by PortLiving is a 6-storey mixed use building containing 49 strata residential units in which 26 are Studios, 4 are One Bedrooms, 13 are Two Bedrooms and 6 are Three Bedroom units. The ground floor along the Main Street frontage proposes a series of retail spaces that reinforce a scale of walking and shopping with high-quality storefront, weather protection, and floor-floor heights that can accommodate a variety of uses over time.

Main Street Arts 2 by PortLiving will also have a lower retail space connected to ground floor with stairs, floor openings, passenger elevator and skylights to create visual connections with pedestrians along Main St.

The ground floor is pulled back from the south-west corner of the site to create a partially covered public plaza with seating on a sunny corner. A public elevator which frames the plaza along East 4th Ave will provide access to below-grade retail parking and childcare above.

East 4th Avenue is fronted by retail units and the residential entry lobby. The second to sixth floors are market housing including a significant number of family units. A group Childcare facility is proposed on the second floor with access from below-grade parking and ground floor plaza via elevator directly off East 4th Ave.

The primary generator of programming layout is the outdoor play area for the childcare. Positioned on the 2nd floor, the outdoor space is pulled back from Main Street and East 4th Avenue and oriented south to capture as much direct sunlight as possible given the tight urban site. The residential program occupies the 2nd to 6th floors, with pedestrian oriented retail units facing the public plaza, and forming continuous street-fronts along Main Street and East 4th Avenue.


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The application to rezone Main Street Arts 2 by PortLiving (1940 Main Street, Vancouver BC) is from IC-2 (Industrial) District to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District. The Main Street Arts 2 by PortLiving proposal consists of a six-storey mixed-use building and includes:

· 49 strata residential units
· a 37-space childcare facility
· commercial uses at and below grade
· a floor area of 4,856 sq. m (52,266 sq. ft.)
· a floor space ratio (FSR) of 3.0 (additional 0.7 below grade)
· a building height of 21.8 m (72 ft.)
· 112 underground parking spaces and 77 bicycle spaces

The second storey of Main Street Arts 2 by PortLiving will provide a 37 seat childcare amenity sheltered from the street, with ample access to sunlight. This amenity contributes to family life in the neighborhood.

Two separate activity areas host toddlers and preschoolers, with shared support spaces in the centre. Sunlight streams into open activity spaces from the south and east. Outside, a generous play area provides structured and free play space, separated from the street by natural planted beds. The childcare operates independently from the rest of the building to maximize child safety.

Entry to the childcare is from the corner public plaza through an elevator or convenience and exit stair.

Childcare parking for vehicles and bicycles is located right at the bottom of the parking access ramp. Secure bike and stroller storage along with a childcare garbage room is also located adjacent the elevator on parking level 1.

All indoor childcare program spaces have at minimum the recommended area allocation from the 1993 Childcare design guidelines.

Due to a combination of factors including a tight urban site, 1.5m land dedication along Main Street, sunlight access requirements and noise setbacks from the street; the childcare design is 5% (300sf) deficient on recommended outdoor area. An intensive landscape plan is proposed to provide children with a rich variety of play experiences in the slightly undersized space. Large parks such as Dude Chilling, Jonathan Rogers and Hinge park offer big play opportunities nearby.

Small deliveries to the childcare facility can be accommodated from a drop-off area along East 4th Ave, adjacent to the childcare elevator.

For larger items and garbage, transferring goods from the loading dock down through parking level 1 provides a weather protected path. By avoiding a loading elevator at the childcare second floor, high quality activity space adjacent to windows is preserved for toddlers.

The Main Street Arts 2 by PortLiving proposal includes landscaping improvements to the public realm, such as new street trees, accent paving, planters, and seating elements. It strives to bring a more vital, walkable and engaging experience that contributes to the overall aesthetic character of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The landscape design is comprised of a streetscape design along Main Street and East 4th Avenue that complies with the City of Vancouver Mount Pleasant Community Plan design guidelines. The general approach utilizes a variety of paving types, both concrete and segmental paving, arranged in a uniform colour and pattern.

On the corner of Main and 4th, a public plaza provides new civic amenity space. Southern exposure for maximum light and generous overhangs for rainy days make the plaza an attractive space to spend time in year round.

The end result is a place where residents, neighbours and visitors can shop, sit, pick up their children, and socialize. The streetscape is carefully integrated into this space, with sidewalks, street trees and planters, movable chairs and glass brick skylights which allow visitors to view the retail space below.

On the second storey, a 37 seat childcare amenity is sheltered from the street, with ample access to sunlight. Separate play spaces will be designed for both toddlers and preschoolers, divided by low gates at the center of the play area. Sunlight streams into open activity spaces from the south and east, with generous overhangs in both spaces providing necessary weather protection.

The play spaces provide both structured and free play areas, separated from the building edge by natural planted beds to provide both privacy and sound attenuation. The sloping berms, curving trike paths and organic paving layout has been carefully designed to provide a range of creative and naturalized play options. Both areas include play elements intended to allow children to engage their motor skills, and creativity and appreciation for nature.

The amenity deck features a picnic area, fireplace and a BBQ connection for the residents. The berm and tree planting creates a natural screening and a log provides extra sitting area. A north facing bar allow residents to sit and enjoy views of the space.

North facing private patios will be screened from each other by landscape planters.

Appropriate trees and shrubs have been provided to screen and also provide habitat friendly options for avian species.

The private roof spaces of each residential unit are divided with landscape planters intended to maximize privacy, while enhancing city and mountain views.

Appropriate trees and shrubs have been provided to screen and also provide habitat friendly options for avian species.

The Main Street Arts 2 by PortLiving proposal will meet the requirements outlined in the Green Buildings Policy for Rezoning’s (2016), option B: Low Emissions Green Building. A detailed Sustainable Design Strategy, prepared by Integral Group, has been submit- ted separately, and outlines the project specific strategies and energy modelling results with required supporting evidence. The following is a high-level summary of the sus- tainable design strategy employed on the proposal.

Building Name: Main Street Arts 2
Address: 1940 Main Street, Vancouver BC
Developer: PortLiving
Architect: Formois Architecture
Interior Design: N/A
Year Built: N/A
Prices: N/A
Unit Sizes: From 415 sf to 1,522 sf
Levels: 6
Suites: 49
Property Type: Residential, commercial and a Childcare facility
Area: Vancouver
Neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant
Deposit Structure: N/A
Cost/Square Foot: N/A
Monthly Maintenance: N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking: N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage: N/A

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