Westbank’s goals are stunningly ambitious. At the new Oakridge Vancouver you will rethink the way you shop, the way you connect, the way you work, the way you travel, the way you eat and what you eat, the way you meet friends, the way you love, the way you listen and what you listen to, the way you learn and are inspired, the way you create, experiment and explore, the way you see and try new things, the way you enjoy beauty, how you experience nature, what it means to be healthy, the culture you are a part of, the footprint you leave, the place you call home, the architecture of your world – the way you live life. These are Westbank’s goals for Oakridge Vancouver. Be part of this audacious journey at Oakridge Vancouver by Westbank.

At the heart of Vancouver, Oakridge Centre has been a central community hub and one of the most successful shopping centres in North America for many years.

Vancouver is now a global city. With the world coming to our city in ever greater numbers, Westbank was challenged to completely rethink the entire area and, working with the City of Vancouver, turn Oakridge into a Municipal Town Centre. They are reimagining every element of conventional city-building within a microcosm of the city of the future.

The redevelopment of Oakridge is a joint venture between QuadReal and Westbank, two of Canada’s leading real estate enterprises.


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Henriquez Partners Architects permission to develop Oakridge Vancouver by Westbank consists of:

· a mixed-use development with one and two levels of Retail and Office
· 10 towers varying in heights of up to 44 storeys
· 3 mid-rise buildings with Commercial, Office, and Residential Uses (including Social Housing, Market Rental, and Market units)
· a Civic Centre containing a new Community Centre, Library, Senior’s Centre & Performance Spaces
· Child Daycare Facility
· a 9-acre public park located partially on the roof top of the mall and partially at ground level
· all over three levels of underground parking

Oakridge Vancouver by Westbank will consist of 2,548 units in total in which:

· 1,968 are market units
· 290 are rental units
· 290 are non-market units
· 1,507 parking spaces for residential buildings
· 3,185 bicycles spaces for residential buildings
· 4,783 overall parking in total for the residential and commercial area

Affordable & Rental Housing
Oakridge Vancouver by Westbank will have 290 social housing and 290 market rental housing units exceeding the 20% city target for affordable housing. The social housing is in 2 locations: Building 2, which is part of the civic centre, and Building 9 fronting New Street. The market rental is located in Buildings 10 and 11 also fronting New Street. All 4 buildings will provide required amenity spaces.

Market Residential
Oakridge Vancouver by Westbank will have approximately 2,000 units of market housing spread across 9 buildings. Over 25% of the units will have 2 or more bedrooms to meet the City of Vancouver ‘Family Room’ Policy.

Retail & Commercial Architecture
The driving concept of the retail design is to ‘Bring the City and the Park into the Project’. By pushing the ‘heat-line’ of the retail centre entries in, the urban streetscape is extended, creating an active, permeable edge to Oakridge.

The urban extension eases the transition from streetscape to centre while reinforcing a clear interior circulation loop. Urban plazas celebrate the intersection of city streets and lanes, the new urban edge, and the retail centre.

Urban Retail
The retail architecture for Oakridge Vancouver by Westbank should provide a clear connection between the residential towers above and the pedestrian scale of the streetscape below. The retail streetscape should be unified through material consistency, formal articulation and scale. Throughout the project, clearly defined frameworks will differentiate a more neutral building architecture from a tenant-designed and expressed storefront. The Retail and Commercial Architecture will be designed to achieve the following overall design principles:

Orientation, Sightlines & Access
Tenants and tenant storefronts will be oriented toward the public way; clear sight lines into the project should be maintained to promote transparency and visual access throughout the project.

The site for Oakridge Vancouver by Westbank is situated in the Oakridge neighbourhood, which is predominantly comprised of single family residences. There are, however, significant commercial and office buildings surrounding the site along Cambie Street and West 41st Avenue and the surrounding neighbourhood is currently undergoing a review by the City of Vancouver to increase the density at this major transit node. A number of strata multi residential units are located on both the west and south perimeters.

The site for Oakridge Vancouver by Westbank is 11.4 ha (28.3 acres) with approximately 57,500 m² (619,000 ft²) of retail, service, and office use. The existing structure is surrounded by uncovered parking. The main entrance to Oakridge Centre shares the northeast corner with the Canada Line Station. It is flanked by two towers that accommodate office and residential units.

Building Name:  Oakridge Vancouver
Address:  650 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver BC
Developer:  Westbank & QuadReal
Architect:  Henriquez Partners Architects, Wonderwall Inc., Gensler & Adamson Associates Architects
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  Approximately in 2025
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  13 towers, 10 towers varying in heights of up to 44 storeys and 3 mid-rise buildings with Commercial, Office, and Residential Uses (including Social Housing, Market Rental, and Market units)
Suites:  2,548
Property Type:  Residential, Commercial
Area:  Vancouver West
Neighbourhood:  Oakridge
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A

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