Another fantastic application has been submitted to the City Of Vancouver to rezone 1065 Harwood Street and 1332 Thurlow Street from RM-5A (Multiple Dwelling) to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) for a two tower development named Thurlow + Harwood. Henriquez Partners Architects is the architect and the location is Thurlow + Harwood by BlueSky Properties in West End, Vancouver.

The proposal is for a 33 and a 32-storey residential building that includes a North and a South Tower. The North Tower has both market and social housing units, the South Tower has only market residential units.

North tower consists of 33-storeys
– 59 market residential units on floors 18-33 in which:
– 14 are 1 Bedroom Units, 13 are 2 Bedroom Units and 32 are 3+ Bedroom Units
– 98 social housing units on floors 2-18 in which:
– 29 are Studios, 15 are 1 Bedroom Units, 30 are 2 Bedroom Units and 24 are 3+ Bedroom Units
– 157 parking spaces
– 209 bicycle parking

South tower consists of 32-storeys
– 143 market residential units in which:
– 64 are 1 Bedroom Units, 30 are 2 Bedroom Units and 49 are 3+ Bedroom Units
– No social housing units in south tower
– 236 parking spaces
– 186 bicycle parking


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The proposed development sites are located on sloping sites at the northeast and southeast corners of Thurlow Street and Harwood Street.

Four aging 60-year-old rental buildings currently occupy the sites providing 98 rental units in total. The residential units in the four existing buildings are primarily one bedroom units. Only four of the 98 units provide two or more bedrooms suitable for families with children.

The two sites are located two blocks south of Davie Village and one block west of Burrard Street. Public transit is readily available on Davie, Burrard and Pacific Streets. The neighbourhood consists of buildings ranging from two storey heritage homes to 30 storey rental and condominium towers.

Located nearby are St. Paul’s Hospital, several churches, the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, beaches along False Creek and water taxis to Granville Island. Downtown is also within easy walking distance.

The proposed towers in a park are inspired by the clean modern lines of the West End character and contextual relationship to the surrounding fabric. A modern minimalism that is designed as a complementary addition to the existing context, and an urban retreat for residents.

The base of the towers have been designed as a modern interpretation of the 4 to 6 storey walk-up buildings prevalent in the West End. Ample setbacks and gardens at the base of the buildings help define the park setting. Clean lines are carried up the towers by aligning the face of the balconies with the face of the base to reinforce the tower in the park concept. Select balconies are projected beyond the lines of the base in response to views and in reference to the sculptural balconies of West End towers. The park setting is complimented by greenery that is pulled up into tower reveals, as a way to connect the towers to the park, and to bring a small piece of the park up to the living spaces.

The north and south towers, 33 and 32 storeys tall respectively, will provide a total of 300 residential units. A total of 98 units will be provided as social housing and one-to-one replacement for the existing rental units on site. The social housing requirement for both towers will be consolidated and provided at the base of the north tower. The upper floors of the north tower as well as entirety of the south tower will be designed as market condos. The rooftops of both towers will provide area for private roof decks, while gardens at the base of the towers will provide outdoor amenity, children’s play, opportunities for urban agriculture, and communal outdoor gathering spaces. Adjacent indoor amenity space will be provided to support the needs of families with children and include a multi-purpose room, kitchen, library, study areas, and a gym. Residents will also benefit from the proximity of Davie Village, the sea wall, parks, beaches and many local amenities.

To nurture this community, the project also offers numerous public benefits, including the following:
· Provision of 98 units of social housing
· Community amenity contributions for public benefits
· Contribution to on-site public art
· Enhanced public realm and landscaping
· 124 market units suitable for families with children
· Respecting the materiality and character of the west end
· Enhanced building envelope, including triple glazing, in support of sustainable goals

Research has shown that we improve our mindset when we experience a connection with the outdoors. For the residential units at Thurlow and Harwood this is first achieved by uncluttering the space by removing any unnecessary interior walls and to make the living spaces as large as possible. Natural light is then brought into the living spaces through uninterrupted floor to ceiling glass that also frames the incredible views of English Bay and the mountains. These glass walls will slide open to allow the living spaces to extend out onto large outdoor living areas. Continuous floor and ceiling materials will visually extend the spaces from indoors to outdoors and towards the view. Structural glass guards will reduce visual clutter and minimize interruption of the view. Greenery is pulled up the building to further enhance the connection to nature and the outdoors.

And while the design of the living spaces are opened up to provide a connection to the outdoors, in contrast the bedrooms will provide a further level of retreat for quite contemplation. Exterior walls will provide a balance of solid and void, improving window to wall ratios and energy performance. High performance triple glazing will not only meet the energy requirements for the project but will also provide an enhanced level of acoustic performance to reduce background city noise.

As a pair of towers, the designs evolved together. And while the towers are related, each tower has its own individual identity.

Many examples exist of a pair of towers designed together. In many cases these evolve as twins. In other cases the towers have been conceived as a single object that has been broken into two separated pieces. Or, as is the case for Thurlow and Harwood, the towers have been conceived as an equal pair that are clearly related, yet each tower has its own individual identity in response to the unique site conditions of each tower, relationship to each other, and relationship to context and views.

The landscape design responds to the site’s unique context at the crossroads of the Downtown Core (Burrard Corridor) and West End (Beach Neighbourhood). The design balances an intimately scaled garden landscape and a strong green border at the ground level with a highly urban palette of materials and finishes.

Tower in the Park
Generous West End setbacks at the ground level provide an opportunity for a green base that seamlessly connects the towers with the surrounding neighbourhood, and situates the development in a parklike setting.

The idea of the garden-scape is extended up the facade of the tower to reinforce the relationship between the tower, the park, and the lush West End neighbourhood.

To enhance the pedestrian experience, a tree-lined boulevard is envisioned along the east side of Thurlow, which will accommodate a double row of trees on either side of the sidewalk. Mature trees along the south boulevard of Harwood Street will also be preserved.

Outdoor Amenity
Amenity terraces designed as intimate gardens are envisioned for both towers. The rooftop landscaping is strategically designed to create free flowing indoor and outdoor spaces. Feature amenities include outdoor BBQ areas, informal seating and dining spaces, urban agriculture spaces, and informal children’s play areas.

Social Housing
The social housing has been given equal prominence in the design of the two residential towers.

While the design of each tower has developed its own individual identity in response to unique site conditions, the overall concept for the design evolved together as an equal pair.

As a pair, it became important throughout the design process that they be treated equally in order to ensure that one was not perceived as inferior to the other. Many of the similarities between the two towers are as a result of treating them as equals. And while the social housing is provided entirely within the lower floors of the north tower, the social housing program is intentionally not expressed in the outward appearance of the tower. As equals, there is no clear distinction between social housing and market condos.

Materiality & Character
The project will employ a rich and durable palette of materials and draw inspiration from the character of the surrounding West End.

High quality building materials will be used throughout the project and will include highly efficient triple glazed windows for both the social and market housing. The base of the building will be clad in marble for a durable and high quality finish. The building entries will be framed by a fire resistant wood frame set against the lightness of the glass and the solidity of the stone base. The wood finish will also be expressed at a number of balcony soffits. Balcony edges will be concealed by a continuous galvanized and painted steel plate that will conceal the base of the frameless structural glass guardrails and edge of balcony soffits. The top of the structural glass guardrails will be capped with brushed stainless steel. The stone flooring on the interior of the suites will extend out to the large outdoor balconies as a flush extension of the interior space. Stone pavers will also be used at building entries and roof deck areas to provide a high quality and durable finish.

Sustainability/High Performance Building Envelope
The project is aligned with Vancouver’s goal to be the greenest city in the world and is being designed to meet the City’s new Green Buildings Policy for Rezonings.

The City of Vancouver has recently signaled a shift in their Green Buildings Rezoning Policy, moving away from energy savings over code and towards absolute energy targets. The project is being designed to meet the City’s Zero Emissions Building Plan, with building performance targets of 32 kWh/m2 TEDI, 120 kWh/m2 TEUI and 6kgCO2e/m2 GHGI.

Extensive early design energy modeling identified various combinations of measures to meet the performance targets including the use of high performance triple glazed windows with highly insulated shadow box panels and reduced overall window to wall ratios, HRV’s with greater than 75% performance, four pipe fan coil with central air-souce heat pumps, high performance domestic hot water heating, and LED lighting throughout.

Deep balconies at the south and west elevations will also help reduce solar heat gain during the mid-day hours in the summer and large operable sliding doors will provide natural ventilation.

The triple glazed shadow boxes will provide approximately R30 of insulation in the back pans within the highly efficient and thermally broken glazed wall system. The shadow boxes will provide visual depth and match the appearance of the adjacent clear glazing.

Parking Access, Loading & Garbage
Vehicular, loading and garbage access are proposed off the lane from the northeast corner of the site.

Despite the steep 3m slope of the site, access to parking, loading and garbage are proposed to enter off the lane from the high point on the site.

The parking entry ramp will be enclosed within the base of the tower. The slope of the ramp is proposed to be 15%, with 10% transition ramps at top and bottom of each run. The 15% ramp is required as a result of the steep slope of the site and the need to enter the parkade at the high pointon the site.

Access to the loading and garbage facilities will be directly off the public lane. Sufficient clearance at the loading bay will allow for garbage bins to be pulled out to the lane for pickup without the need of any additional staging area. Warning signals at the top of the parking entry ramp will be activated when the overhead doors of the garbage rooms are open, in order to advise residents of garbage pick-up and to use caution while exiting.

Parking & Storage
The vehicular parking and bicycle facilities have been designed in response to the specific site conditions.

The vehicular parking for the social housing and market condos are located in a secured parking facility on levels P1 to P5. The social housing parking is located on levels P1 and P2. Visitor parking for the social housing is located on level P1. A security gate is located at level P2 for access to the market condo parking from levels P2 to P5.

Corner cuts are being provided at the top and bottom of all ramps withinthe parking structure and will be sized in response to the traffic analysis.

Bicycle storage rooms are being proposed at level 1 with direct access at grade from the Harwood Street. Separate secured bicycle storage roomsare proposed for the social housing and market condos. The vast majority of stalls will be horizontal with ample clearances within the rooms.

End of trip facilities are not required for residential buildings and are not being proposed as part of the development.

West End Character
The West End is a diverse community with a variety of homes, local businesses and community amenities.

The West End is one community made up of several distinct areas that help define its character. The tree lined streets and the many public and private open spaces, gardens and parks encourage walking and contemplation. The proposed development will be respectful of the special character of the area, by having the built form be responsive to siting, massing, orientation and materiality.

Particular attention has been paid to incorporate common West End architectural elements such as concrete construction, punched windows, sculptural balconies, landscaped setbacks and gardens, and clean modernism to create a contemporary building that is highly contextualized with it’s neighbours built decades ago.

Building Name:  Thurlow + Harwood
Address:  1065 Harwood Street and 1332 Thurlow Street, Vancouver BC
Developer:  BlueSky Properties
Architect:  Henriquez Partners Architects
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  N/A
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  Two towers, North tower 33-storeys, South Tower 32-storeys
Suites:  302
Property Type:  Residential
Area:  Vancouver
Neighbourhood:  West End
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foot:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A


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