One of the largest single projects in Downtown Vancouver, the Burrard Gateway development would see the creation of a significant landmark on the Burrard Street corridor. This development is designed to create a dramatic entrance to Vancouver’s downtown area as people crest the Burrard Bridge heading north into the city. The glass curves of the building façade provide more than a sculptural gesture along the Burrard Promenade. The curves allow the building to self-shade during the summer months as well as providing ample room for light to stream into the public alleys behind. This glass skin utilizes a unique composition of clear glass, fritted glass and spandrel panels to soften the expression of the building without detracting from the dramatic forms. The 55-storey building will be Vancouver’s third-tallest residential tower, behind the Shangri-La building and the Trump Tower.

At the ground level, the building is anchored visually and urbanistically to its context through careful landscaping and the inclusion of an automobile showroom at the corner of Burrard and Drake. This showroom is conceived as a sort of magical house of mirrors, with cars and shoppers appearing to float within the large open volume. Rather than elevate this showroom on a plinth, the floor of the interior showroom and exterior urban plaza are one continuous slope so as to retain a strong connection between the activity on the street and the activity in the building.

This $500-million project is a joint undertaking of Reliance Properties Ltd. and Jim Pattison Developments Ltd. Twenty-three lots between Burrard and Hornby streets north of Drake Street, including the Jim Pattison Toyota Downtown dealership site, have been assembled for this three-tower, mixed-use redevelopment project. This project will have two residential towers of 54 and 36 storeys along Hornby Street with a total of 810 new housing units, 33% of those being two-bedroom suites. A 14-storey office tower and a mixed-used podium containing market rental, condos, retail, office space and a car dealership. The entire project will add over one million square footage of office and residential space. The development will include a new neighbourhood centre run by Qmunity, an LGBTQ community organization, as well as $2 million for cultural facilities.


The City has received a revised application to rezone 1290 Burrard and 1281 Hornby Street from DD (Downtown) District to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District. The proposal is for a mixed-use development as follows:
•  Along Hornby Street, a 54-storey tower and a 36-storey tower, with a 7-storey podium, providing retail, office and residential uses, including rental housing;
•  Along Burrard Street, a 14-storey office tower, including a 3-storey automotive dealership;
•  A proposed floor space ratio (FSR) of 13.33; and
•  A maximum height of 525.7 ft. from base plane to top of parapet (the General Policy for Higher Buildings has identified this site as a location for a higher building).

Changes from the previous submission (dated June 15, 2011) include:
•  An increase in the floor space ratio (FSR) from 11.8 to 13.33;
•  An increase in the total number of residential dwelling units, from 619 units (including 538 market and 81 rental units) to 810 units (including 723 market and 87 rental units);
•  An increase in the number of parking spaces, from 802 to 813; and
•  Refinements to the design of the residential towers, and a revised design for the office tower.

Tower B is the “front door” of the proposed mixed-use development. It anchors the critical and highly visible corner of Burrard and Drake Street. As the lowest of the three towers in the development with an important architectural mandate, Tower B unifies the expression of its two primary uses as an office building and a car display showroom in one distinctive built-form. This deliberate gesture sets it apart from the podium/tower expression of the rest of the development. The Toyota showroom, occupying the lower 3 levels of the building, is highly transparent with overlapping “fingers” of display floors along the Drake elevation. The office tower anchored by a cylindrical volume at the plaza level unfolds into a fluid glass wall above, fronting on Burrard Street. Around the corner on Drake Street, a tapering glass wall exemplifies the vertical dimension of the tower giving it a sculptural and slim profile. For privacy and comfort, the glass skin of the entire building will be articulated with “random” placement of insulated spandrels, fritted and vision glass, further animating the appearance of the building. The new centralized core of the office floor plate simplifies the structural system and at the same time provides a high level of flexibility for either single or multi-tenant use.
The sculptural building form with its articulated glass skin defines Tower B truly as a “jewel box” in downtown Vancouver.

In keeping with the previous UDP response to provide a generous public plaza along Burrard and Drake Streets, the current design also sets back generously on those streets creating an urban plaza with public arts and seating. A deliberate attempt to set back the entire Tower B from the podium of the adjacent residential tower on the north side creates another public space between the two buildings in the form of a pedestrian mews. It provides a midblock connection from Burrard into the rest of the development along the lane and a thoroughfare to Hornby Street.
The focal point will be a vertical water feature with green walls along the entire length of the neighbor’s blank podium wall. Against this back drop, public art, outdoor patio and public seating activate the space throughout the day.

The entrance of the Toyota showroom is strategically located at the corner of Burrard and Drake. Its undulating street wall defines an oval entrance forecourt to the office tower further up Burrard. The Drake Street elevation showcases a 3-storey and highly transparent street wall acting like a giant display window of cars which are uniquely arranged on multi- levels of display “fingers”. At street level, the interface between the public plaza and interior rooms is kept visually unobstructed. Extensive glass canopies along the streets provide continuous
weather protection for pedestrians and restaurants patrons. The strong visual connection between inside and outside is maintained even on the lane side. The lane and its shoulder areas will be rendered in contrasting color pavers giving the area a lively and urban character. Wherever
possible, curbs have been eliminated along the driveway. Instead, the different activity zones are defined with bollards, light stands and landscaping.

Building Name:  Burrard Gateway
Address:  1290 Burrard Street & 1281 Hornby Street
Developer:  Reliance Properties and Jim Pattison Developments Ltd.
Architect:  IBI/HB Architects
Interior Design:  N/A
Year Built:  N/A
Prices:  N/A
Unit Sizes:  N/A
Levels:  55
Suites:  810
Property Type:  Residential, Commercial
Area:  Vancouver West
Neighbourhood:  Downtown
Deposit Structure:  N/A
Cost/Square Foor:  N/A
Monthly Maintenance:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Parking:  N/A
Cost To Purchase Storage:  N/A

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